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Investigation of a Bole Smelting Site at Lodge Moor (Ughill Moor)

In July 2015, whilst returning from a different part of the Moor, John Barnatt and Phil Shaw recognised a bole smelting site on Lodge Moor overlooking Moscar Cross Farm. A return visit by John, Phil, Richard Carr and Chris Heathcote shortly afterwards led to a report written by John Barnatt in 'Observations and Discoveries - Part 55' in Newsletter 157 January 2016.

To Read this Report see here: John Barnatt's Original Report on the Lodge Moor Site

Further visits were made to the site with David Kiernan, the author of 'The Derbyshire Lead Industry in the Sixteenth Century' who wrote a report, arguing a change of emphasis with regard to the site. This appeared in 'Observations and Discoveries - Part 56' in Newsletter 158 April 2016.

To Read this Report see here: David Kiernan's Views on the Lodge Moor Bole Site

On Wednesday the 6th July and Thursday the 7th July 2016 a group met at the site to carry out surveying work.

To Read more details and view photographs of the two days see here: 
Geophysics, Soil Sampling and Surveying