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Index to "Mining History" - the PDMHS Bulletin

Index to "Mining History" - Volume 14

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"Mining History" Volume 14 Number 1 - Summer 1999

The Dudley Limestone Mines. Author: Steve Powell. Published jointly by PDMHS and the Shropshire Mining and Caving Club.

  • Introduction
  • Geology of the Dudley and Sedgley Area
  • History of Limestone Extraction
  • The Mines
  • Dudley Caverns and the Castle Fetes
  • Historical Visits to the Dudley Mines
  • East Castle Mine Infilling Project
  • Recent Exploration
  • Surface Remains
  • References, Sources and Acknowledgements

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Mining History Volume 14, No 1
Mining History Volume 14, No 1

Mining History" Volume 14 Number 2 - Winter 1999

  • Davis Derby - A History of Engineering -- David J. Hind
  • The Later Gells and the Decline of the Lead Trade -- Ron Slack
  • Stone Hammers from the Ecton Mines in the Bateman Collection, Sheffield -- John Pickin
  • Prehistoric and Roman Mining in the Peak District: Present Knowledge and Future Research -- John Barnatt
  • Derbyshire Lead Mining in the 18th and 19th Centuries - Lynn Willies
  • 20th Century Lead Mining - Mill Close Mine -- Keith Gregory
  • Walter Sylvester - Potteries Inventor and his Famous Invention: The Sylvester -- Barry Job
  • Tunnel Lining at Rio Tinto: Methods used at Las Minas de Rio Tinto, in Spain, 1954 -- A.A.C. Brewin
  • Horsebuttock, Shack, Little, Drake and Pitts Mines, Winster -- D. Penney and E.M. Dixon
  • The Newgate Prison and Simsbury Copper Mine, East Granby, Connecticut -- Lynn and Sheelagh Willies
  • Jack Beck and Masson Hill: Tribute to a Man and a Mountain -- Neville Gregory
  • Mining Scenes Engraved on a Glass Vase -- Trevor D. Ford
  • Letters to the Editor -- Margaret L. Howard and Ron Slack
  • Letter to the Editor - Mining and Farming Terms
  • 'T'Owd Mon Wor from Bonsor': The Origins of the Medieval Miner's Effigy in Wirksworth Church -- Adrian Henstock


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Mining History Volume 14, No 2
Mining History Volume 14, No 2

"Mining History" Volume 14 Number 3 - Summer 2000

  • Old Mill Close Mine, Wensley
  • Frontispiece -- the Old Millclose System
  • Colour Photo Supplement -- P.R. Deakin and D.J. Warriner
  • Old Mill Close Mine and Sough: Exploration Report -- D.J. Warriner
  • Processing Surveying Data from Old Mill Close Mine -- K.D. Russ and J.D. Eyre
  • Survey of Yatestoop Sough -- D.J. Warriner
  • Geological Setting of the Old Mill Close Mine, Wensley -- Trevor D. Ford
  • The History of Old Mill Close Mine, Wensley -- J.H. Rieuwerts

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Mining History Volume 14, No 3

Mining History Volume 14, No 3

"Mining History" Volume 14 Number 4 - Winter 2000

  • Geology of Ecton and other North-East Staffordshire Mines -- Trevor D. Ford
  • Mount Wellington Mine, Gwennap, Cornwall -- Justin Brooke
  • "Treasure of the World, King of the Mountains, Envy of Kings": The Imperial Spanish Silver Mines of Potosi, Bolivia -- Simon Timberlake
  • Letter to the Editor -- Mike Wallerstein
  • Letter to the Editor -- Peter and Julie Mohr
  • Review: Exploration of Metalliferous and Related Minerals in Britain: A Guide -- Trevor D. Ford
  • Beach Slags of the North Wales Coast -- N.V. Campbell Bannerman
  • The Last of the Walking Draglines, the Largest Mobile Land Machines in the UK -- Ivor J. Brown
  • An Example of Fire Setting in West Africa -- Colin Laidler and W.E. Sharp

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Mining History Volume 14, No 4

Mining History Volume 14, No 3

"Mining History" Volume 14 Number 5 - Summer 2001

  • A History and Gazetteer of the Mines in the Liberty of Peak Forest, Derbyshire: 1605-1878 — Chris Heathcote
  • Farmers versus Miners: A Case of Pollution — Ron Slack
  • Review: Worth a Thousand Words: Mining Picture Books — Lynn Willies
  • Mining History Notes: Devonshire Cavern, Coalpit Rake: Firesetting with Coal — John Barnatt
  • Mining History Notes: Old Ash Mine: Preliminary Observations on an Early Mine — John Barnatt
  • Derbyshire Wad and Umber — Trevor D. Ford
  • The Origins and Development of the British Coprolite Industry — Bernard O’Connor
  • Tramways and Locomotives at 20th Century Mines in the Peak District — Jonathan Peter James and Adrian Foster

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Mining History Volume 14, No 5
Mining History Volume 14, No 5

“Mining History” Volume 14 Number 6 - Winter 2001

  • The Geology of the Matlock Mines: A Review — Trevor D. Ford
  • Surface Remains of the Pindale Area, Castleton, Derbyshire — Chris Heathcote
  • Review: Angerstein’s Travel Diary, by Torsten and Peter Berg — Lynn Willies
  • Swearing-in of a New Barmaster — Paul J. Clarke
Papers presented at the NAMHO Conference, Forest of Dean, 1999
  • Thomas Sopwith and the Forest of Dean, 1832-1841 — Robert Sopwith
  • Mining History and the Internet — Peter Claughton
  • How Old is the “Owld Man”? Discovering Ancient Mines — Simon Timberlake
  • Roman Mining Law — David Elkington
  • Nature Conservation and Mines — David Heaver
  • The Mining Laws in North Wales — C.J. Williams
  • Working at New Dunn Mine in the Forest of Dean in the 1940’s — George Hall
  • Index to Volume 14 — David Williams

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Mining History Volume 14, No 6

Mining History Volume 14, No 6