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Index to "Mining History" - the PDMHS Bulletin

Index to "Mining History" - Volume 6

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Volume 6 Number 1 - May 1975

  • Holme Bank Chert Mine, Bakewell -- M.F. Critchley and P.J. Wilson
  • Songs of the Derbyshire Lead Miners -- Rob Kay
  • James Croston's "On Foot through the Peak" -- Peter Naylor
  • The Lead Mines of South East Wales -- Mary and Gordon Tucker
  • Geology of the Blende Vein, Magpie Sough -- N.E. Worley
  • Brightside Mine, Hassop -- George Fletcher and Lynn Willies
  • Preservation and Restoration Practices used in Goodluck Mine -- Ron Amner
  • Impressions of Visits to Parc Mine, North Wales -- W.G. Jones and L. Willies
  • Maypit and Redsoil Mines: Comment and Reply -- Nellie Kirkham and Lynn Willies 

Bulletin 6-1

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 1

Volume 6 Number 2 - October 1975

  • The Washing of Lead Ore in Derbyshire during the Nineteenth Century -- Lynn Willies
  • The Geology of Magpie Sough and Mine -- N.J.D. Butcher
  • The Burgoyne Mines at Ecton in the Seventeenth Century -- J.A. Robey
  • A Survey of the Shafts of Bincliff, Oversetts and Highfields Mine, Wetton, Staffordshire -- M.F. Critchley and P.J. Wilson
  • Two Wooden Lead Ore Measuring Dishes -- Lynn Willies
  • Unusual Water-Powered Engines in the Isle of Man -- A.M. Gillings
  • Notes on some Early Techniques used in Derbyshire Lead Mining -- Roger Flindall and A. Hayes
  • The Mines of Hassop Common -- John Pickin
  • Smallpenny Sough, Lathkill Dale -- John Pickin
  • Stanley Rowlands' Recollections of Magpie Mine in 1924 -- Lynn Willies
  • A Gazetteer of Ironstone Mines in the East Midlands -- Ivor J. Brown
  • Two Roman Pigs of Lead found near Ashbourne -- Josephine Dool
  • Lead Mining in Ashover: A Preliminary Survey -- Stuart Band 

Bulletin 6-2

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 2

Volume 6 Number 3 - April 1976

  • Review of Mining Potentialities in the Alston Block of the Northern Pennine Orefield -- P.R. Ineson
  • Lead Mining in Ashover: A Preliminary Survey (Part 2) -- Stuart Band
  • Comments on Unusual Water-Powered Engines in the Isle of Man -- David E. Bick
  • A Visit to Parc Mine, North Wales -- Lynn Willies
  • Mandale Forefield Shaft and Sough -- N.E. Worley and T.D. Ford
  • A Great Pig of Lead found at Colwick, Nottinghamshire -- A.G. McCormick and Lynn Willies
  • John Taylor in Derbyshire, 1839 to 1851 -- Lynn Willies
  • Snippets from the Derbyshire Times
  • Calcutta Pumping Engine, Swannington, Leicestershire
  • The Mineral Statistics and Derbyshire Mining -- Roger Burt and Michael Atkinson
  • Presentations at the Annual Dinner -- Harry Parker
  • The Pretoria and Greenfield Chert Mine, Bakewell, Derbyshire -- Ivor Brown
  • An Account of a Visit to Holme Bank Chert Mine, Bakewell, during 1892 -- Roger Flindall 

Bulletin 6-3

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 3

Volume 6 Number 4 - September 1976

  • Odin Mine, Castleton, Derbyshire -- Trevor D. Ford and James H. Rieuwerts 

Bulletin 6-4

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 4

Volume 6 Number 5 - May 1977

  • Nickergrove Mine, Eyam, Derbyshire -- John S. Beck and Noel E. Worley
  • The Recovery of the Wills Founder Water Pressure Engine -- Lynn Willies
  • A Survey of Little Milldam Mine, Great Hucklow -- Martin F. Critchley
  • The Lathkill Miner -- J. Wood
  • Mississippi Valley Type Orefields in Britain -- Noel E. Worley and T.D. Ford
  • Arran Barytes Mine, Glen Sannox, Isle of Arran -- R.P. Shaw
  • John Taylor in Derbyshire, 1839 to 1851: Part 2 -- Lynn Willies
  • Capital Formation in the Wirksworth Lead Mining Industry - 1700 to 1800 -- Robert Gould
  • Peak District Mine Names: A Preliminary Survey -- Peter Riley
  • Source Material for Metal-Mining History: The Druid Inn Papers at the National Library of Wales -- Mary Tucker
  • A Puzzle Painting
  • Calcutta Pumping Engine: A Correction 

Bulletin 6-5

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 5

Volume 6 Number 6 - December 1977

  • The Barmoot Court, Wirksworth
  • The Castleton Field Meeting
  • The Geology of the Wills Founder Shaft, Winster -- Noel E. Worley
  • Mines of the Slingtor Wood Area, Cromford -- R.B. Flindall, A.J. Hayes and J.H. Rieuwerts
  • The Liberties of Grindlow and Foolow: Report of the Excursion of 7th. August 1977 -- D.A. Nash
  • Merry Tom Vein, Middleton-by-Wirksworth: A Supplementary Note -- Rogert Flindall
  • Gank Hole Mine, Lathkill Dale -- L.J. Riley
  • To Remove or Not to Remove -- Adrian Pearce
  • William Bray's Sketch of a Tour into Derbyshire -- Peter J. Challis
  • Wind, Water and Steam Power on Derbyshire Lead Mines: A List -- L. Willies, J.H. Rieuwerts and R.F. Flindall
  • Index of Veins and Mines in Volume 6 -- Peter Naylor 

Bulletin 6-6

PDMHS Volume 6 No. 6