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Index to "Mining History" - the PDMHS Bulletin

Index to "Mining History" - Volume 7

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Volume 7 Number 1 - May 1978

  • John Burton's Mining Jug
  • Things to Do -- T.D. Ford
  • Review: The Wolley Manuscripts -- Lynn Willies
  • A Pennine Model for the Diagenetic Origin of Base-Metal Ore Deposits in Britain -- Robert Emblin
  • Capital Formation in the Wirksworth Lead Mining Industry: Part 2 -- Robert Gould
  • The Activities of the London Lead Companies in Wirksworth: A Brief Summary -- Robert Gould
  • The Geology and Exploration of the Hubbadale Mines, Taddington -- Noel E. Worley, T. Worthington and L. Riley
  • The Inquisition or Quo Warrento of 1288 -- J.H. Rieuwerts
  • The Ballad of the Great Barmote Court

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Bulletin 7-1

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 1

Volume 7 Number 2 - October 1978

  • The Exploration of Wills Founder Mine, Winster -- Derek Heald
  • Anecdotes on Mill Close Mine -- D.A. Nash
  • Two Cardiganshire Lead Mines: Caegynon and Rheidol United -- R.P. Shaw and M.F. Critchley
  • Hubberdale Mine and Associated Veins: 1836 to 1848 -- D.A. Nash
  • A Visit to "Blobber" Mine, Wirksworth, in the 1920's -- Robert Gould
  • The Ashbourne Inquisition of 1288: A Reply -- Adrian Henstock (Additional Comments by Jim Rieuwerts)
  • The Extravaganza or Introductory Weekend: 29th. April to 1st May 1978 -- Adrian Pearce
  • The Caves, Mines and Soughs of the Wardlow Basin and Cressbrook Dale -- John S. Beck 

Bulletin 7-2

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 2

Volume 7 Number 3 - March 1979

  • Technical Development in Derbyshire Lead Mining, 1700 to 1880 -- L. Willies
  • The Extent of Belland Ground adjacent to Tideslow and Maiden Rakes -- J.M. Bayliss, P.R. Ineson and I.H. Rorison
  • The Winster Earth Tremors -- N.E. Worley and D. Nash
  • Review of "Industrial Geology" edited by J.L. Knill -- T.D. Ford
  • The Engines at Mill Close Mine: 1920 to 1939 -- P. Naylor
  • The Coal Mines of the Flockton Area near Horbury, West Yorkshire: Report of Field Meeting, 9th. April, 1978 -- I. Brown and J. Goodchild
  • The Warl Gate Extension in Goodluck Mine, Via Gellia, Derbyshire -- C. Bull

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Bulletin 7-3

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 3

Volume 7 Number 4 - October 1979

  • A Geological Outline of the Ecton Copper Mines, Staffordshire -- M.F. Critchley
  • Exploring Underground History the Easy Way: Using Modern Methods to find Ancient Engine -- H.M. Parker
  • CCTV Inspection of Yatestoop Mine Shaft -- P.J. Challis
  • Miss Nellie Kirkham (Mrs. J.H.D. Myatt): An Obituary -- D. Nash
  • The Recovery of the Pumps from Wills Founder Shaft, Winster -- L. Riley and L. Willies
  • The Clay Vein Extension in Goodluck Mine, Via Gellia, Cromford, Derbyshire -- C. Bull
  • An Attempt to Save the Snailbeach Mining Area from Land Reclamation -- Shropshire Caving and Mining Club
  • Meets Report: West Yorkshire Collieries, 29th. April 1979 -- I.J. Brown and J. Goodchild
  • Mining Remains in the Isle of Man -- A. Pearce and G. Rose

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Bulletin 7-4

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 4

Volume 7 Number 5 - Spring 1980

  • The Artifical Drainage of the Wirksworth-Cromford Area -- Colin D. Oakman
  • The Earliest Lead-Mine Soughs in Derbyshire -- J.H. Rieuwerts

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Bulletin 7-5

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 5

Volume 7 Number 6 - Autumn 1980

  • Mineralisation within the Igneous Rocks of the South Pennine Orefield -- S.G. Walters and P.R. Ineson
  • A Wirksworth Mine Agent's Letter -- G. Darnborough
  • Clear-the-Way or Black Hillock Mine, Tideslow Moor -- S.G. Walters
  • An Account of a Visit by John Rennie to Peak Cavern -- R.B. Matkin
  • Snake Mine: Some Recent Findings -- A.J. Pearce
  • A Note on the Anglo-Saxon Lead Industry of the Peak -- Martin Daniel
  • A Survey and the Geology of Putwell Hill Mine, Monsal Dale -- R.P. Shaw
  • Memoranda Concerning the Broadmeadow and Wheels Rake Mines, Alport -- Michael Brooke-Taylor
  • The Geology of Hallicar Wood Adit, Via Gellia -- S.G. Walter and P.R. Ineson
  • Index of Mines and Related Places in Volume 7 -- Peter Naylor

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Bulletin 7-6

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 6