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Index to "Mining History" - the PDMHS Bulletin

Index to "Mining History" - Volume 8

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Volume 8 Number 1 - Summer 1981

  • The Drainage of the Alport Mining Field -- J.H. Rieuwerts
  • The Eardiston Copper Mine, Shropshire -- Chris. J. Carlon
  • Recollections of a Laxey Mine -- Bobby Kelly and A. Gillings
  • Exploration of Fritchley Sough and Old End Mine, Crich -- Dave Warriner
  • Sir Hugh Myddelton: The First Mines Adventurer -- Peter Naylor
  • Harold Sarjeant (1906 to 1980) -- W.A.S. Sarjeant 

Bulletin 8-1

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 1

Volume 8 Number 2 - Autumn 1981

  • Ringing Rake and Masson Soughs and the Mines on the East Side of Masson Hill, Matlock -- D. Warriner, L.M. Willies and R. Flindall
  • A Survey of the Masson Cave-cum-Mine Complex, Matlock -- R. Flindall, J. Swain and A. Hayes
  • The Development of Mining and Drainage in the Wensley, Winster and Elton Areas -- J.H. Rieuwerts 

Bulletin 8-2

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 2

Volume 8 Number 3 - Summer 1982

  • Ratchwood Founder Shaft, Wirksworth -- D.J. Warriner and N. Birkett
  • John Fairbairn: Stationer and Mining Entrepreneur -- Lynn Willies
  • The Origin of the Barmote Court System: A New Theory -- Martin Daniel
  • The Early Lead Industry and the Ancient Demesne of the Peak -- Martin Daniel
  • The Mawstone Mine Tragedy of 1932 -- Peter Naylor
  • Mawstone Mine, Youlgreave -- L. Hurt
  • Mining History in the Making -- Ivor Brown
  • A Few Notes on the Jingler Site, Wakebridge, Crich -- A.E. Dixon
  • Bwlch Glas Lead Mine, Cardiganshire -- R.P. Shaw
  • Belland Ground in the South Pennines: Causes and Alleviations -- P.R. Ineson 

Bulletin 8-3

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 3

Volume 8 Number 4 - Winter 1982

  • An Historical Account of Middlepeak Mine and the Northern Part of Ratchwood Title, Wirksworth -- R. Flindall
  • Watts Shaft Engine House, Old Millclose Mine -- John Pickin
  • Examination and Survey of Bage Mine -- D. Warriner
  • Mineralogy of Bage Mine -- John Jones
  • Ancient Mining in the Udaipur District of Rajasthan, India -- Lynn Willies

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Bulletin 8-4

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 4

Volume 8 Number 5 - Summer 1983

  • The Steam Engines of Gregory Mine, Ashover -- Stuart Band
  • Pilkington's Cavern, Castleton -- Richard Shaw
  • The Slack Family: Brassington Lead Miners -- R. Slack
  • Cromford Sough and the Early Use of Gunpowder -- J.H. Rieuwerts

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Bulletin 8-5

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 5

Volume 8 Number 6 - Winter 1983

  • The Barker Family and Wyatt Lead Mining Businesses: 1730 to 1875 -- Lynn Willies
  • Evolution of the South Pennine Orefield: 1. Regional Distribution of the Major Non-Metallic Minerals -- Mohammed A. Mostaghel
  • Exploration and Survey of Great Laxey Mine, Isle of Man -- D. Warriner and A. Gillings
  • Photographs of Cromford Sough
  • Index of Mines in Volume 8 -- P. Naylor

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Bulletin 8-6

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 6