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Index to "Mining History" - the PDMHS Bulletin

Index to "Mining History" - Volume 9

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Volume 9 Number 1 - Summer 1984

  • The History and Workings of the Nenthead Mines, Cumbria -- Martin F. Critchley 

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Bulletin 9-1

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 1

Volume 9 Number 2 - Winter 1984

  • Derbyshire Lead Mining and Early Geological Concepts -- J.H. Rieuwerts
  • Evolution of the South Pennine Orefield: 2. Mineral Associations -- M.A. Mostaghel
  • Mouldridge Mine, Pikehall, Derbyshire -- A. Pearce, R. Ludditt, M. Straw, W. Taylor, J. Watson and R. Watson
  • The Pumps at Mill Close Mine -- Peter Naylor
  • Two Old Miners -- Peter Naylor

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Bulletin 9-2

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 2

Volume 9 Number 3 - Summer 1985

  • The Mining History of the Speedwell Mine or Oakden Level, Castleton, Derbyshire -- J.H. Rieuwerts and T.D. Ford
  • Peakshole Sough, Castleton -- D. Penney
  • Brassington Mining, 1792 to 1826 -- R. Slack
  • Jacob Momma and the Ecton Copper Mines -- J. Morton and J.A. Robey
  • A Trial Excavation on High Tor Rake, Matlock -- J. Pickin
  • Letter from the Miners' Friend -- S.L. Garlic

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Bulletin 9-3

   PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 3

Volume 9 Number 4 - Winter 1985

  • A History of Mining on Sark and Herm, Channel Islands -- N. d'A Laffoley
  • Recollections of Mill Close Mine, South Darley, near Matlock -- H. Woodhouse
  • Eighteenth Century Lead Ingots from the Hollandia -- Lynn Willies 

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Bulletin 9-4

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 4

Volume 9 Number 5 - Summer 1986

  • Prosperity and Decline in Derbyshire Lead Mining -- Lynn Willies
  • The Washing Floor at Killhope Lead Mine, Co. Durham: An Interim Report -- David Cranstone
  • The Great Laxey Winding Engine, Great Laxey Mine, Isle of Man -- David Hollis
  • Brittania or Snowdon Mine -- Timothy B. Colman and Nicholas d'A Laffoley

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Bulletin 9-5

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 5

Volume 9 Number 6 - Winter 1986

  • Mineralisation and Stress History in North Derbyshire -- David Quirk
  • Cwm Bychan or Nantmor Mine, North Wales -- Nicholas Laffoley and Anthony J. Rex
  • Kent Hill Gravel Mine and Quarry, Audley, Staffordshire -- Terry Middleton
  • A Survey of Beech Cave, Staffordshire -- Terry Middleton
  • Some British Ideas about Ore Genesis from Hooke to Whitehurst, 1688 to 1786 -- R.J. Firman
  • Index to Volume 9 -- Peter Naylor

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Bulletin 9-6

PDMHS Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 6