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Catalogue of the Upright Box “Coal and Iron”

Variety of Item Serial No. Description
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Elliott, Brian 1976. John Foster of Woolley: An Early Eighteenth Century Coal Master.South Yorkshire HistorianVol. 3.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Cope, F. Wolverson 1945. The Correlation of the Coal Measures of the Cheadle Coalfield, North Staffordshire.Transactions of the Institution of Mining Engineers. pp75-91.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Hey, David G. 1977. The Ironworks at Chapeltown.Transactions of the Hunter Society. Pp252-259.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Raistrick, A. 1939. The South Yorkshire Iron Industry, 1698 to 1756.Transactions of the Newcomen SocietyEd. XIX, pp51-86.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Magraw, D., Clarke, A.M. and Smith, D.B. 1963. The Stratigraphy and Structure of Part of the South-East Durham Coalfield.Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society. Vol. 34 Part 2. No. 10 pp.153-208.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Awty, B.G. 1957. Charcoal Ironmaster of Cheshire and Lancashire, 1600 to 1785.Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol. 109. pp.71-124.
Plastic Folder Newspaper cutting relating to PDMHS trip to Elsecar.