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Catalogue of the Box “Derbyshire 02”

Variety of Item Serial No. Description
Folder D121 Folder of Papers collected by Adrian Pearce regarding Mouldridge Mine, near Pikehall

General Papers on Mining from Stuart Flint (Deceased)

  1. Offprint from Internet regarding Derbyshire Mines 1896
  2. Photocopy of the journal of Samuel Sheldon, Deputy Barmaster 1904-1911 (Low Peak Mines)
  3. Notes for a biography of Samuel Sheldon (including 2 Photos and 1 Photocopy)
  4. Photocopy of a ledger of Samuel Sheldon, Deputy Barmaster, 1904-1911 (Low Peak Mines)
  5. Correspondence regarding a family connection with mining
Collection of Guide Books and Printed Matter regarding Goodluck Mine, Via Gellia

Booklet entitled “The Manufacture of Lead Shot” – an extract from a larger work

Sale Catalogue for Hopton Works 14-April-1976
PhotocopyOffprint “A New Magnesium Factory at Hopton, Derbyshire” from East Midlands Geographer 3:3 no. 19 June 1963 pp169-170
Sale Catalogue for Long Rake Derbyshire Spar, Youlgreave, c1980
Offprint “Early Lead Smelting in the Peak District: Another Look at the Evidence” by Joan Fuller from East Midlands Geographer 5:3 pp1-8 (1970)
Offprint “The Kennemerland Site – A Report on the Lead Ingots” by Price, Muckleroy and Willies from the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Exploration 9:1 pp7-25 (1980)
Offprint “The Dutch East Indiaman “Campen” wrecked of the Isle of Wight” by the Needles Underwater Archaeology Group from the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Exploration 14:1 pp1-31 and 14:2 pp97-118 (1985)
Offprint “The Daily Journal and memorandum of J.A. Stevenson” from Derbyshire Miscellany (Various Volumes)
Paper Extracts regarding Lionel Tylney or Tinley
Photocopy Advert regarding the construction of Meerbrook Sough. Original in the Raistrick MSS (Misc. Docs.), Sheffield Archives
Envelope File “Copy of transcription and original letters to Thomas Fenton of Eyam 1843-1852”. 45 items. Originals in DRO
Offprint “The Beach Beds of Castleton” by D. Parkinson from the Mercian Geologist 5:2 pp105-113 (1974)
Envelope Notes and Final Copy “Examination and Survey of Bage Mine” by D. Warriner from Bull. PDMHS 8:4 pp243-259 (1982)
Envelope Notes and Final Copy “Ratchwood Founder Shaft, Wirksworth” by D. Warriner and N. Birkett from Bull. PDMHS 8:3 pp151-158 (1982)
Photocopy Copy of Bag. 587(27)-10 regarding construction of Watergrove Engine House, 1837
Photocopy D27 Appointment of John Bancroft of Bradwell as agent at Bank Top Mine, Moss Rake, 1864. (Original in PDMHS Coll., DRO)
Photocopy D29 Appointment of John Bancroft of Bradwell as agent at Brunt Mine, Bradwell, Nov. 1871. (Original in PDMHS Coll., DRO)
Photocopy D59 Share certificate of Victory Level, Burnt Heath and Watergrove Mining Co., September 1857
Photocopy D5 D6 Written Transcripts of Newspaper Articles from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 1910. Reprinted in Bull PDMHS 1:2 and 1:3
Photocopy “Remarks on a Vein of Lead found in the Carboniferous Strata in Derbyshire, near Whaley Bridge” by E.W. Binney in Transactions of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester Series 2 Vol. 9 pp125-9 (1851)
Photocopy D33 Accounts for Mines in the Liberty of Eyam and Odin Mine (Mainly Eyam Edge Mines) – Presented by Maurice Chantry. Originals in PDMHS Coll., DRO.
Photocopy Will of John Boden of Wingfield Park, concerns shares in Crich Mines. Covering letter from B. Boden.
Photocopy in Envelope D99 Printed Booklet with details of lawsuit (Duke of Devonshire v. John Wall and Partners) at Portaway Mine, 1760, with covering letter
Translation of Quo Warranto by David Gordon.
Offprint “Devonshire Cavern” by J. Larson from The Speleologist 1:3 pp121-127 (1954)
Offprint “Derbyshire Lead Production, 1195 to 1505” by I.S.W. Blanchard, Derbyshire Archaeological Journal 91 pp119-140 (1971)
Offprint “Lead Mining in 18th Century Ashover” by G.G. Hopkinson from Derbyshire Archaeological Journal 1952
Publication (Draft) “Stoney Middleton Dale SSSI Geo-Environmental Assessment and Cave Management Plan” by M.A. Cope for the Derbyshire Caving Association (Draft).
Photocopy and Notes D46 Copy of the Vicar’s Tithe Book of Tithe Ore Measured in Wirksworth, 1879-1914
Photocopy D68 Notice of Resolutions at a Meeting of the Peak Forest Mining Co. 25-April-1872 (Original in the Rieuwerts Coll., DRO)
Photocopy “The Peak Forest Mines” by P.W. Crabtree in Cave Science, 6:42
Folder 8 Paper and Plans regarding exploration in the Eyam and Stoney Middleton area.
Folder 16 Rough Survey of Windy Knowl Cave, 1972
Notes Notes by Margaret Howard regarding Oxclose Mine
Folder 11 Typewritten Notes – Memorandum regarding Meerbrook Sough, 1803-1808, Reckonings for Musden Mine, Ilam, 1809 and Cityfold Mine, 1809-11. Newspaper Cutting re exploring Meerbrook Sough, 1977. All notes from J. Frost.
Photocopy D24 Report on Mineral District near Longstone Edge by D.T. Ansted, 1853 (Original - Brooke-Taylor Coll. 504B/L266/10 in DRO)
Photocopy D19 “An Act ………………… through Cowley Estate”, 1752 plus 3 overhead Transparencies (Source probably Raistrick Coll., Sheffield Archives)
Photocopy D22 Report of a visit to Eyam to take samples of Lead Ashes and Slags, 21-May-1914 – From Sheffield Smelting Co. Book.
Original Notes D10 Notes on analysis and examination of argentiferous lead slags and galena – Sheffield Smelting Company.
Folder Notes by A.G. Dixon in Preparation for an article on the Wills Founder Engine – See Bull PDMHS 11:2
Folder 13 Miscellaneous Notes on Magpie Mine
Papers Extract from Museum of St. John Ambulance regarding medals given after the entombment of Dennis Bagshawe.
Copy of Will of Arthur H. Stokes, HM Inspector of Mines, 1910
Extract from 1881 Census regarding Dennis Bagshawe
Surveys 5 Geological Sections with mining information added – reference to thesis of N.J.D. Butcher
Paper Report and Survey of Watts Grove Vein, Peak Forest – by the Derbyshire Caving Club 1974
Offprint “Washing Ore in Longstone” by Robert Thornhill in Derbyshire Miscellany no. 6 pp76-7 (June 1957)
Offprint S27 “Lead Mining Then and Now”
Typewritten Notes Précis of Op. Mole OM/CN/147 – Notes on Nestus Mine by D.A. Nash, 1955
Notes Production Figures for Maury Mine, Priestcliffe – Notes by S.J. Thompson
Photocopy Typewritten notes on Froggatt Wood, Linacre Over Mill and Loads Smelting Sites – Possibly by D. Kiernan
Notes Bundle of Notes on the Caves of Upper Dovedale
Photocopy Copy Birth Certificate of William Marsden (born 1883, worked at Magpie Mine).
Handouts B97 Handouts on the minerals, fluorspar and barytes – by B. Woodall
Booklets Publicity booklets for Enthovens. A4 includes Pictures, A5 excludes pictures
Original Letter (1986) and reply regarding Shepherd’s Rake, Coombs Dale.
Envelope B184 Catalogue of Auction of Hopton Works Plant (1976) – Guilini’s.
Folder DRO Archive Teaching Unit – Enclosure in Derbyshire – Compiled by Dudley Fowkes.
Offprint “A Survey of the Neogene Flora from Two Derbyshire Pocket Deposits” by M.C. Boulter in Mercian Geologist 4:1 pp45-62 (1971)
Photocopies Reductions of the 25in O.S. Barmasters’ Maps – 1898 Edition
Letter and Notes Letter from Derek Holmes to Pam Diamond with notes on Clay Pipes
Photocopy C180 Plan of Longe (Cromford) Sough, 1777
Bundle D20 Notes on Mines on Moss Rake and other Bradwell Mines
Offprint “Description of a Shaft and Workings at Mooresfield, Winster” by G. Hardy in Bull PDMHS 12:2
Photocopy Brochure of Surveying Instruments by John Davis and Co., Derby – early 20th Century
Notes Handwritten Notes on Yatestoop Sough
Envelope B25 Sheffield City Library – Local History and Archives – Report 1960-62
Typewritten Notes D16 Articles on Mandale Mine – J.H. Rieuwerts
Typewritten Notes D3 Over Haddon Report – J.H. Rieuwerts
Computer Printout “The Christmas Eve Murder”
Photocopy An Agreement ……….. Upper Balldmere Mine, August 1877
Offprint “Mines and Mining – A G.B. Collection” by P.J. Challis from Bond and Share Society Journal (Jan 1983)
Leaflet Cadley Hill Colliery Pithead Baths – The Bathers’ Handbook
Plastic Folder Agreement and covering letter regarding the British Geological Survey scanning project of old mining maps.
Plastic Folder Certificate of Incorporation of ‘The Peak District Mines Historical Society’ dated 26 September 1975.