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Catalogue of the Box “North Pennines”

Variety of Item Serial No. Description
Plastic Folder Report of seminar – North Pennines Lead Mining Heritage Strategy – October 1988
Plastic Folder Photocopy of ‘The Lead Mining Heritage of the North Pennines’ – A Discussion Document produced jointly by Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland County Councils – June 1987.
Plastic Folder Booklet - Nenthead Lead Mining Centre – A Feasibility Study (Draft) – dated February 1991.
Booklet Booklet – Killhope: A Celebration of our Journey 1984-2005.
Plastic Folder Leaflet – Stump Cross Caverns n.d.
Plastic Folder Duplicated Membership List for 1970 – Probably of the Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society
Paper Envelope Folder entitled ‘Sir Francis Mine’ with address label of H.M. Parker Contains a copy of Crabtree, P.W. and Foster, R. 1963 Sir Francis Mine.Cave Science5:33 pp1-24.
Also includes draft copies of Parker, H.M. 1994. Sir Francis - Then and Now.Bulletin of PDMHSVol. 12 No. 4 pp35-38.
Plastic Folder Leaflet – The Weardale Museum of High House Chapel. N.d.
Plastic Folder Leaflet – Killhope Wheel 1981 (2 Copies)
Plastic Folder Leaflet – Pikes, Mines and Commons around Hilton and Murton – Mid-Eden Walk 1 n.d.
Leaflet – Alston’s Nent Valley: Gossipgate to Blagill – Alston Moor Walk 1 n.d.
Leaflet – Annat Walls and Nattrass Gill: The South Tyne Valley - Alston Moor Walk 2 n.d.
Leaflet – To the Source of the Tyne - Alston Moor Walk 4 n.d.
Leaflet – A View of Alston Moor – Walking East of Eden – Alston Moor Walk 4 n.d. (2 copies)
Leaflet – Water Power in Alston - Alston Moor Walk 5 n.d. (2 copies)
Leaflet – From Fairyland to Leadmines: Around Nenthead - Alston Moor Walk 6 n.d.
Plastic Folder Booklet – Allenheads: A Short History of a Lead Mining Village in the 19th Century – Published by the Allenheads Village Trust. N.d.
Plastic Folder Booklet – The Secret World of Spar Boxes – Published by Killhope Lead Mining Museum. N.d.
Booklet B81 Booklet – R.T. Clough – A Selective Bibliography of Books and Sources of Information on Mining, Smelting and Metallurgy, with Special Reference to Lead Mining and Lead Smelting in the North of England. November 1960.
Plastic Folder D133 Photocopy of a Survey Reference List published by the NMRS. Covering letter from M.C. Gill to Adrian Pearce. n.d.
Plastic Folder Booklet – Index to the Newsletters and Publications of the NMRS formerly the NCMRS 1950 to 1991. Compiled by M.C. Gill. September 1992.
Plastic Folder Booklet – Library List of the Northern Mine Research Society. N.D.
Plastic Folder Leaflet – The National Coal Mining Museum for England. N.D.
Booklet Booklet – Caphouse Colliery: The Yorkshire Mining Museum. N.D.
Plastic Folder Map – Ordnance Survey 6 Inch to the Mile Map Sheet NY 74 SE (centred on Nenthead).
Plastic Folder D126 Explosives Licence under the Explosives Act, 1875, issued to the W.B. Lead Company of Allenheads, dated 1 July 1914.
Plastic Folder 18 Photocopy of a Survey of Buckden Gavel Mine – NCMRS Survey, 1970-1, based on W. Wallace Survey 1876.
Booklet D77 North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. n.d.
Plastic Folder D125 Transcripts of the annual accounts of the Weardale Iron and Coal Company Limited 1890-1897 (Source not stated).
Plastic Folder 48 Photocopy of an Ordnance Survey Map of the Alston Moor area showing the location of dangerous shafts. On the reverse is a letter from Cumbria County Council Planning Department to M.C. Gill as secretary of NAMHO regarding the capping of shafts on Alston Moor. This has been forwarded to Adrian (Pearce) for comments.
Booklet A Brief Guide to Beamish – The North of England Open Air Museum
Plastic Folder Photocopy of a transcript of ‘Rara Avis in Terris’ or ‘The Laws and Customs of the Lead Mines within the Mineral Liberty of Gresington cum Membris’. May not be complete, source unknown.
Plastic Folder D54 Publicity Material for Beamish Open Air Museum.
Plastic Folder Three leaflets advertising a) Caphouse Colliery b) The National Coal Mining Museum c) The National Coal Mining Museum Library
Plastic Folder Postcard depicting ‘The Cobbled Square, Grassington’ from R.T. Clough to L. Willies.
Plastic Folder Leaflet advertising the Swaledale Museum in Reeth, Yorkshire.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Dickinson, J.M. 1966 The Grimwith Lead Mining Company Limited.Memoirs of the Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society1966 pp1-21.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article – Dickinson, J.M. and Holding, J.E. 1965 Coal and Iron Working in Upper Airedale.Memoirs of the Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society1965 pp42-46
Plastic Folder Dyeline Copy – ‘Section through the Strata of Alston Moor’ Source Not Know. Stamped on Reverse with the stamp of H.M. Parker.
Plastic Folder Photocopy Article - Barnby, R.A. 1972 The Influence of the London Lead Company upon the Development of Middleton-in-TeesdaleBulletin of the Durham City Local History Society, Vol. XV (1972), pp.19-32
Plastic Folder Newspaper Cuttings related to Nenthead, Killhope, and Gillfield Level, Pateley Bridge.
Plastic Folder Various Leaflets for Tourist mining attractions – Killhope Centre, Nenthead, Nent Valley
Plastic Folder Various Leaflets for Yorkshire mining attractions – Caphouse Colliery, Wortley Top Forge, St. Aidans Walking Dragline.
Plastic Folder Series of Leaflets describing Industrial Trails relating to mining industrial heritage of Cleveland
Skinningrove Village
Skinningrove and Liverton
Skinningrove and Hummersea
Rosedale East and Sheriffs Pit
Goathland and Beckhole
Plastic Folder Extract from a larger volume – ‘Killhope: a Lead Ore Crushing Mill’