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Catalogue of the Ring Binder ‘Magazine Articles of Mining and Local Interest’.

1. ‘It’s a Wonder the ‘shivering mountain’ is still there’by Jayne Darbyshire from Reflections – November 2010
2. The Gateway to Hell – or Castleton’by Jayne Darbyshire from Reflections – February 2011
3. ‘The Ecton Copper Mines’by Jackie Thompson from Country Images – November 2010
4. The Enduring Appeal of ‘Little Switzerland’by Jayne Darbyshire from Reflections – July 2011
5. ‘Another Centenary for the Showpiece Mill’by Catherine Roth from Reflections – April 2011
6. The Derbyshire Druids’by Tom Bates from Reflections – May 2009
7. The Ghost of a Lead Mine laid to rest’by Mark Darlington from Reflections – May 2009