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Industrial Archaeology Review and Associated Newsletters, etc.

Industrial Archaeology Review

Volume 1 No. 1 (Autumn 1976) Burtree Pasture Lead Mine, Weardale Dunham, R. & Hobbs, R.
The Marble Quarry, Iona, Inner Hebrides Viner, D.J.
The Cooper in Liverpool Grant, Alex
Patching, Scouring and Commoners: The Development of an Early Industrial Landscape Osborne, Brian S.
Iceland: A Comment McCrirck, M.
Assessing Potential Milling Capacity in Hampshire, c. 1750 to 1914 Freeman, Diane M.
Moira Furnace Palmer, M. & D.
The Iron Bridge at Sunderland: A Revision Miller, Stuart T.
The Holberrow Green Windmill: An Attempt at the Interpretation of Visible Evidence Johnson, C.J.
Some Comments on Capital Formation in the British Coalmining Industry during the Industrial Revolution Griffin, C.P.
Volume 1 No. 2 (Spring 1977) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1975: The Engineers of Sunderland Harbour, 1718 to 1817 Skempton, A.W.
Hydro-Electricity for Public Supply in Britain, 1881 to 1894 Tucker, D.G.
Quarrying in the Hambleton Hills, North Yorkshire: The Problem of Identifying Disused Workings Cooper, Roger G.
Brick Kilns: An Illustrated Survey Hammond, M.D.P.
Volume 1 No. 3 (Summer 1977) The Watermills of Kent, East of the Medway Bennett, C.E.
Some Precursors of Modern Liquid Fertilizer Technology Palgrave, D.A.
John Rennie’s Reconstruction of Sheerness Dockyard Taylor, Jean
Soapmaking and the Excise Laws, 1711 to 1853
Three Generations of Miners’ Housing at Moira, Leicestershire, 1811 to 1934 Griffin, Colin P.
Volume 2 No. 1 (Autumn 1977) Refuse Destructors and their use for Generating Electricity: A Century of Development Tucker, D.G.
Point of Ayr Colliery: The Geology, Geography and History of a Coalmine Richards, P.S.
Chatsworth Street Cutting, Part of the Original Terminus of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Rees, Paul
The Northbrook Chemical Works, Bradford, 1750 to 1920 Firth, G.
The Introduction of the Newcomen Engine to Ayrshire Whatley, C.A.
Railway and Canal Coal-Drops at Sharpness Docks Preece, G.P.J.
Discussion: The Historical Background to the Establishment of the Moira Furnace: A Re-Interpretation Griffin, C.P.
Volume 2 No. 2 (Spring 1978) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1977: The History of Technology: Now and in the Future Cardwell, Donald S.L.
The Tregutha Downs Mines, Marazion 1700 to 1965 Trinick, G.M.A.
Early Technological Innovation in the British Footwear Industry Mounfield, P.R.
Notes on the History, Development and Use of Tubes in the Construction of Bridges Tyson, S.
Important Natural Dyes of History Ponting, K.G.
The Excavation of Industrial Archaeology Sites White, Peter
Early Stationary Steam Engines in Ireland Bowie, G.
Volume 2 No. 3 (Summer 1978) Chorlton Mills and their Neighbours Clark, Sylvia
Worsbrough Corn Mill, South Yorkshire Shorland-Ball, R.
Hamburger Stand: Industrialisation and the American Fast-Food Phenomenon Lohof, Bruce A.
Relationships between Coal, Gas and Oil Products: A 19th Century Scottish Case-Study Hassan, J.A.
Cast Iron and Bridge-Building in Scotland Hume, J.R.
Volume 3 No. 1 (Autumn 1978) Lost Mining Ports of the South Cornish Coast Stanier, P.H.
Samborne Palmer’s Diary: Technological Innovation by a Somerset Coal-Mine Owner Doughty, M.W.
Beam Engines in Blast Furnace Blowing Arnott, A.T. & Sayer, M.
Water Mills on the Levadas of Madeira Calvert, N.G.
Some Specimens of Early Telegraph Cables in the Science Museum Celoria, Francis
Technological Change in the Leicestershire and South Derbyshire Coalfield before c.1850 Griffin, Colin P.
Silloth: A Product of Yesterday Smith, W.R.
Volume 3 No. 2 (Spring 1979) The First Iron Bridges Trinder, Barrie
Coalport China Works, Shropshire: A Comparative Study of the Premises and the Background to their Development Edmundson, R.S.
Jackfield Decorative Tiles in Use Herbert, A.T.
Coalport Bridge: A Study in Historical Interpretation Trinder, Barrie
Underground in Ironbridge Gorge Brown, Ivor J.
The Construction of the Blists Hill Ironworks Smith, S.B.
Ironbridge – The First Ten Years Cossons, Neil
Review Article – The Smaller Publications of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Tucker, D.G.
Volume 3 No. 3 (Summer 1979) The Slate Industry of Pembrokeshire and its Borders Tucker, G. & M.
Structural and Technical Change in the Aberdeen Granite Quarrying Industry, 1830 – 1880 Donnelly, T.
Two Probate Inventories from Industrial Shropshire Trinder, Barrie
The Engineers of a Minor Port – Peterhead, Scotland, 1772 to 1872 Buchan, Alex R.
Hill Pits, Blaenavon Laun, John van
Volume 4 No. 1 (Winter 1979-89) Elemore Colliery and the Hetton Coal Company Ayris, I.
‘North versus South’: The Docks Dispute at Sunderland in the 1830’s Miller, Stuart T.
The Swansea Canal: Navigation and Power Supplier Hughes, S.R.
Abandoned 19th Century Brick and Tile Works in Central Illinois: An Introduction from Local Sources Walters, William D.
Surviving Stationary Steam Engines in the Republic of Ireland Bowie, Gavin
Volume 4 No. 2 (Spring 1980) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1979: The Old Furnace at Coalbrookdale, Shropshire Raistrick, Arthur
Saltburn-by-Sea: The Early Years of a Stockton and Darlington Railway Company Venture Harrison, J.K. & A.
Excavations at Chatsworth Street Cutting, Part of the Original Terminus of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Rees, Paul
A Medieval and later Water Mill at Norton-on-Tees, Cleveland Bennett, Jones & Vyner
Manchester Railway warehouses – A Short Notes George, A.D.
Volume 4 No. 3 (Autumn 1980) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1978: Sir Humphrey Davy: His Life and Work Griffin, A.R.
The Balmoral Bridge of I.K. Brunel Buchanan, A. & Jones, S.K.
Mossland Reclamation and Refuse Disposal in the Manchester area in the 19th Century Phillips, A.D.M
The Industrial Heritage in Japan Komatsu, Y.
An Account of a Small 19th Century Lead Mining Company on Alston Moor Fairbairn, R.A.
Volume 5 No. 1 (Winter 1980-81) Canal Tunnels Associated with Mineral Exploitation Roberts, Peter K.
Swindon – An Unfulfilled Opportunity
The Development of Scottish Gas Technology 1817 to 1914: Inspiration and Motivation Cotterill, M.S.
Preservation in Industrial Archaeology Linsley, S.M.
Preserving the Windmills of East Anglia Howes, H.R.
Volume 5 No. 2 (Spring 1981) Boat Levels Associated with Mining 1: Coal Mining Roberts, Peter K.
Industrial Archaeology in Australia Donnachie, Ian
The Linen Industry of Shropshire Green, Hilary
New Integrated Motor Works in Scotland, 1899 to 1914 Bloomfield, G.T.
The Sanitary Pottery Industries of South Derbyshire, 1840 to 1914 Spavold, J.
Volume 5 No. 3 (Autumn 1981) The Manufacture of Gunpowder: A Study of the Documentary and Physical Evidence Relating to the Woolley Powder Works near Bath Buchanan, B. & Tucker, M.
Boat Levels Associated with Mining 2: Metal Mining Robert, Peter K.
Technological Diffusion – the Case of the Differential Gear Jeremy, David J.
Industrial Archaeology in Industrial Anthropology: The Ecomuseum of the Community of Le Creusot-Montceau-les-Mines, France Bellaigue, Mathilde S.
Impressions of Le Creusot Trinder, Barrie
The Godwins of Lugwardine, and the other Hereford Tile Makers Greene, Betty
Volume 6 No. 1 (Winter 1981-82) The Arkwright Mills – Colquhoun’s Census of 1788 and Archaeological Evidence Chapman, S.D.
The Production Line at Portsmouth Block Mill Cooper, Carolyn, C.
The Iron Bridge at Trentham Torrens, H. & Trinder, B.
Virgin Gorda Copper Mine, 1839 to 1862 Burt, R.
Volume 6 No. 2 (Spring 1982) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1982: What Must We Keep? Robbins, Michael
An Early Eighteenth Century Scottish Saltwork: Arran, c1710 to 1735 Whatley, C.A.
John Murray: ‘A Bold and Skilful Engineer’ Miller, Stuart T.
South Australia’s Earliest Steam Flour Mills – The Founding of an Important Colonial Industry Jones, L.J.
Industrial Archaeology in Western Europe: A Bibliography Greenwood, John
Volume 6 No. 3 (Autumn 1982) Holywell Lane: A Squatter Community in the Shropshire Coalfield Jones, Hunt, Malam & Trinder
Millstones North and South of the Scottish Border Tucker, G.D.
The Manufacture of Millstones in the Eifel Region of Germany Major, Kenneth, J.
Millstones from La Fertė-sous-Jouarre, France Ward, Owen H.
Iron Working in the Vicinity of Weybridge, Surrey Potter, John F.
The Wilsons – A Line of Engineers Russell, J.E.
John Bolton’s Cinder Oven: An Eighteenth Century Industrial Re-Use of a Medieval Tower Day, Michael
Tide Mills: An Example from Brittany Royle, Stephen A.
Volume 7 No. 1 (Autumn 1984) The Industrial Archaeology of Regions of the British Isles – No. 1 East Anglia Alderston, David
Water Power on Brownwich Farm – An Exercise in Excavation Moore, Pamela
The Continental Origins of Bristol Brass Day, Joan
The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1983: Our Debt to Roman Engineering – The Water Supply of Lincoln to the Present Day Lewis, M.J.T.
A Survey of Scottish Windpumps Douglas & Oglethorpe
Lime-Kilns on the Gloucestershire-Herefordshire Border Bick, David
The ‘Coiled-Tube’ Pump Mills, A.A.
Volume 7 No. 2 (Spring 1985) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1984: Industrial Espionage in the Eighteenth Century Harris, J.R.
Issues in Urban Industrial Conservation: The Nottingham Lace Market Smith, Roger
Samuel Brown in North-East Scotland Day, Thomas
The Granite Quarrying Industry in Devon and Cornwall – Part 1: 1800 to 1910 Stanier, Peter
Does the Industrialist Want to Conserve our Industrial Heritage? Cox, Margaret
Endangered Sites and the Association for Industrial Archaeology Crompton, John
Review Article – The Industrial Heritage of Australia and New Zealand: An Essay in Bibliography and Criticism Donnachie, Ian
Volume 8 No. 1 (Autumn 1985) The Smethwick Engine Andrew, J.H.
The Industrial Archaeology of Regions of the British Isles – No. 2 Hampshire Moore, Pamela
Millstone Making in the Peak District of Derbyshire: The Quarries and the Technology Tucker, Gordon D.
The Manufacture of Tinplate at Redbrook, 1930 to 1961 Horton, E.H.
Buildings for Framework Knitters in Ruddington Shrimpton, D.M.
Unstone Coke Ovens Reedman, K. & Sissons, M.
Review Article – The Buildings of England Series – The Second Editions Neaverson, Peter
Volume 8 No. 2 (Spring 1988) Endangered Sites Report for 1985/86 Crompton, W.J.
The Rolt Memorial Lection, 1985: The Artist as Witness Hague, D.B.
Aberdulais Falls Hayman, Richard
The Alcester Waterworks Company: A Study in the Small-Scale Technology of Water Supply Johnson, Cyril
Portsmouth Dockyard: An Industrial Archaeological Overview Riley, R.C.
The Terracotta Industry: Its Distribution, Manufacturing Processes and Products Stratton, Michael
A Gunpowder Vocabulary Patterson, E.M.
Volume 9 No. 1 (Autumn 1986) The Granite Quarrying Industry in Devon and Cornwall – Part 2: 1910 to 1985 Stanier, Peter
Industrial Archaeology and the RCHME Falconer, K. & Thornes, R.
The Robinson Enterprises at Papplewick, Nottinghamshire. Part 1 Greatrex, Nan
Jesse Shirley’s Etruscan Bone and Flint Mill, Stoke-on-Trent Green, Job, Kelly, Walton & Woolfson
Framing a Survey of Textile Mills: RCHME’s West Riding Experience Giles, C. & Goodall, I.
Scottish Windpumps and Windmills: New Information Douglas & Oglethorpe
Volume 9 No. 2 (Spring 1987) The Robinson Enterprises at Papplewick, Nottinghamshire. Part 2 Greatrex, Nan
Industrial Archaeology in Brittany: Charcoal Forges in the Cŏtes-du-Nord Department Andrieux, J-Y.
Artists’ Impressions of Aberdulais Mill Hayman, Richard
Millstone Making in England Tucker, Gordon D.
The Offham Chalkpit Tramway: Its History and Archaeology Evans, T. & Martin, R.
The Factory Chimney: Some Technical Aspects Warburton, Ray
Volume 10 No. 1 (Autumn 1987) The Closeburn Limeworks Scheme: A Dunfriesshire Waterpower Complex Clarke, Richard J.
Industrial Archaeology in New Zealand Thornton, Geoffrey
Masonry and Concrete Dams, 1880 to 1941 Binnie, G.M.
The Restoration of Jill Mill, Sussex Chamberlain, A.D.
The Old Spey Bridge, Fochabers Day, Thomas
Ships’ Hulls since Cheops: An Engineer’s View Paffett, James
Volume 10 No. 2 (Spring 1988) The Development of the Cast Iron Frame in Textile Mills to 1850 Fitzgerald, Ron
Pickford Street: A Study of Macclesfield Textile Mills Calladine, A. & Fricker, J.
Pear Mill, Stockport: An Edwardian Cotton Spinning Mill Holden, Roger N.
Jute Manufacturing: A Study of Camperdown Works, Dundee Watson, Mark
The RCHME/GMAU Joint Survey of Textile Mills in Greater Manchester Williams, Michael J.
Albion Mill, Manchester Fitzgerald, Ron
Volume 11 No. 1 (Autumn 1988) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1987: The Lives of the Engineers Buchanan, R.A.
The Excavation of Clydach Ironworks Wilson, Anne
Mechanisation at the Grassington Lead Mines Gill, M.C.
Blue Slate Quarrying in South Devon: An Ancient Industry Born, Anne
William Armstrong’s Hydraulic Engine and Pumps at Cragside Irlam, Geoffrey A.
Lime Burning on the Gower Peninsula’s Limestone Belt Toft, L.A.
The Excavation of Smoky Bottom Engine House Jones, M.H.
Volume 11 No. 2 (Spring 1989) Housing the Workforce: A Case Study of West Yorkshire, 1750 to 1900 Dewhurst, Lucy
Halse Maltings, Somerset Miles, Mary
The Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet: History and Restoration Peatman, Janet
Thomas Telford and the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Crawford, Neville G.
The Development and Changing Organisation of Shropshire’s Quarrying Industry: 1750 to 1900 Scard, Ann M.
Electricity Supply at Cragside Irlam, Geoffrey A.
Engineering Enterprise in Bath and Bristol Torrens, H.S.
Volume 12 No. 1 (Autumn 1989) The Medieval and Early Modern Cornish Stamping Mill Gerrard, Sandy
Nineteenth Century Tin and Lead Dressing: A Comparative Study of the Field Evidence Palmer & Neaverson
The Archaeology of Washing Floors: Problems, Potentials, and Priorities Cranstone, David
The William Buntons and their Buddle Short, C.C.
Mining and Tourism in Southern Australia Brown, Ivor J.
The Industrial Landscape of Rio Tinto, Huelva, Spain Willies, Lynn
Conservation of Mining Sites in the Gwydyr Forest Area of the Snowdonia National Park Vernon, R.W.
The Beam-Engine House in Wales Bick, D.E.
Conservation of the Remains of the Lead Industry in the Yorkshire Dales White, R.F.
Volume 12 No. 2 (Spring 1990) The Forth Bridge Centenary
Imagination and Innovation of an Industrial Pioneer: The First Abraham Darby Cox, Nancy
The Ipswich Horse Tram Depot Worsley, Steven
The Representation of Industry on Large-Scale Maps of England and Wales, 1700 to c1840 Smith, David
Millstones from Brockholm Quarry, Northumberland Linsley, Stafford M.
The Anatomy of a Victorian Crane: The Coburg Boiler Shop Crane and its Technological Context Fitzgerald, R.S.
The Powder Mills of Argyll Robertson, John
Volume 13 No. 1 (Autumn 1990) The Steam Engine at Glyn Pits Colliery, Pontypool: An Archaeological Investigation Palmer and Neaverson
Industrial Monuments: A Protection Programme Stratton, Michael
Milling Technology in the Middle Ages: The Direction of Recent Research Holt, Richard
Cantilever Piers for Shipping Iron Ore on the Cantabrian Coast of Spain, 1888 to 1899 Alvarez, Jose Sierra
Jesse Shirley’s Etruscan Bone and Flint Mill, Stoke-on-Trent: ‘The Story Continues’ Klemperer and Nuttall
Volume 13 No. 2 (Spring 1991) Industrial Archaeology in the Netherlands Nijhof, Peter
Hamilton’s Sugar Mill, Nevis, Leeward Islands, Eastern Caribbean Wright, N. & A.
The Flax Spinning Mill in Myslakowice near Jelenia Gora, Poland Gerber, Piotr
Summerley Colliery Coke Ovens Battye, Doncaster, Mitchell & Newing
An Attempt at a Bibliography of Samuel Smiles Jarvis, A.E.
The Industrial Archaeology of Regions of the British Isles – No. 3 The Isle of Wight Moore, Pam
Farm and Threshing Mill at Poltimore Farm, Farway, Devon Watts, Martin
Volume 14 No. 2 (Spring 1992) Excavation: The Role of Archaeology Cranstone, David
The Langcliffe Quarry and Limeworks Trueman, Michael R.G.
The History and Archaeology of the Calke Abbey Lime-Yards Marshall, G., Palmer, M. & Neaverson, P.
Bersham Ironworks Excavations: 1987 to 1990 Interim Report Grenter, Stephen
The Historical Manuscripts Commission and the History of British Business and Industry James, N.W.
Volume 15 No. 1 (Autumn 1992) The Use of Power in the Early Industrial Development of Hull Gregory, R.
The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1991: Researching Iron and Steel – A Personal View Gale, W.K.V.
The Iron Bridge: Its Manufacture and Construction Hodson, Harry
Ventilation of Mines Chapman, Nigel A.
The Robinson Mills: Proto-Industrial Precedents Chapman, Stanley
A Survey of the Gawton Mine and Arsenic Works, Tavistock Hamlets, West Devon Pye, A. & Weddell, P.
Volume 15 No. 2 (Spring 1993) A Not so Bright Future?
The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1992: The Archaeology of the British Food Industry 1660 to 1960: A Preliminary Survey Trinder, Barrie
Canal Pumping Engines Andrew, Jim
Structural Engineering in the Lancashire Cotton Spinning Mills 1850 to 1914: The Example of Stott and Sons Holden, Roger
The Stationary Steam Engine: A Critical Bibliography Bowden, Colin
A Wooden Waggonway Complex at Bersham Ironworks, Wrexham Grenter, Stephen
The Minera Halvans Site Silvester, R.J.
The Business Archives Council and the Industrial Archaeologist Storey, Richard
Volume 16 No. 1 (Autumn 1993) Textile Mills and the RCHME Falconer, Keith A.
Fireproof Mills – The Widening Perspectives Falconer, Keith A.
Housing the Loom, 1790 to 1850: A Study of Industrial Building and Mechanisation Giles, Colum
The Cotton Mills of the Derbyshire Derwent and its Tributaries Menuge, Adam
Mills of the Stroud Valley Falconer, Keith A.
Lombe’s Mill: An Exercise in Reconstruction Calladine, Anthony
Havelock Mill, Manchester: A Case-Study in the Emergency Recording of a Large Urban Mill Complex Williams, Mike
Volume 16 No. 2 (Spring 1994) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1993: Industrial Archaeology – Continuity and Change Palmer, Marilyn
A Strategy for Industrial Archaeology in the Black Country Boland, P. & Collins, P.
An Experimental Cement Shaft Kiln at Beddingham Martin, R.G.
Hermoupolis: The Archaeology of a Mediterranean Industrial City Stratton, M. & Trinder, B.
The Industrial Archaeology of the Twentieth Century: The Shredded Wheat Factory at Welwyn Garden City Butterfield, Richard J.
Volume 17 No. 1 (Autumn 1994) Brunel and the Crystal Palace Buchanan, Jones & Kiss
Industrial Heritage of the Iron and Steel Industry in the Lower Rhineland Buschmann, Walter
Excavation and Survey at Higher Woodhill Mill, Bury Fletcher, Mark
The Wealden Glass Industry Re-Visited Crossley, David
‘Their Name Liveth’: A Remote Sensing Survey to Decipher the Illegible Inscriptions on St. Mary’s War Memorial, Nottingham Brooke, Christopher J.
Coke Ovens at Vobster Breach Colliery Gould, Shane
Housing the Loom: A Comment Sissons, Mark
Volume 17 No. 2 (Spring 1995) An Archaeological Study of the 1830 Warehouse at Liverpool Road Station, Manchester Greene, Patrick J.
The History and Archaeology of the Hoffman Brick and Tile Company, Melbourne, Australia Stuart, Iain
Burning Lime in Derbyshire Pye Kilns Leach, J.T.
An Archaeological Survey and Watching Brief at Garston Lock, Kennet and Avon Canal Harding, P.A.
The Canal at Smethwick – Under, Over and Finally Through the High Ground Andrew, Jim
Telford’s Aberdeenshire Bridges Day, Thomas
Volume 18 No. 1 (Autumn 1995) Power Development at the Northern End of Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, Cheshire Milln, Jeremy
The Survey and Consolidation of Industrial Remains in Cornwall – A Progress Report Johnson, Thomas, Herring & Sharpe
Redressing the Balance – An Archaeological Evaluation of North Yorkshire’s Coastal Alum Industry Marshall, Gary
The Archaeology of Industrial Wales Keen, Richard
Finch Foundry, Devon Richardson, I. & Watts, M.
Patterson’s Spade Mill, Northern Ireland Coulter, Michael D.A.
Watermills on the Kingston Lacy Estate, Dorset
Hogford Mill Papworth, Martin
White Mill, Shapwick Grace, Watts & Brebner
The Industrial Archaeology of Agriculture: Rural Life Collections and the National Trust Thackray, David
Volume 18 No. 2 (Spring 1996) The Rolt Memorial Lecture, 1994: Engineering Works in Rural Areas Course, Edwin
The Mills of Meaux Lewis, M.J.T.
Establishing a Typology for the Buildings of the Floor Malting Industry Patrick, Amber
Electricity Supply in Shropshire before Nationalisation Jones, Charles
Skating Rinks to Shadow Factories: The Evolution of British Aircraft Manufacturing Complexes Stratton, Michael
Volume 19 (1997) The Rolt Memorial Lecture 1995: The Fairbanks of Sheffield: surveyors' records as a source for the study of regional economic development in the 18th and 19th centuries Crossley, David
Floating mills in London: an historical survey Sisitka, Josef
The excavation of a turf-sided lock at Monkey Marsh, Thatcham, Berks Harding & Newman
Brush-Piling: Eighteenth Century Engineering in an American Wilderness Lord, P. & Salisbury, C.
The Archaeologist as Witness: Matthew Harvey's Glebeland Works, Walsall Hayman, Richard
Process Recording at Industrial Sites Malaws, Brian A.
Volume 20 (1998) The archaeological excavation of Wooden Waggonway remains at Lambton D Pit, Sunderland Ayris, Nolan & Durkin
The introduction of edge-runner incorporating mills in the British gunpowder industry Crocker & Fairclough
The influence of William Fairbairn on Robert Stephenson's bridge designs: four bridges in north-east England Rennison, R.W.
John Farey, Jr, technical author and draughtsman: his contribution to Rees's Cyclopaedia Woolrich, A.P.
The Silver End Model Village for Crittall Manufacturing Co Ltd Crosby, Tony
Twentieth century industry: obsolescence and change. A case study: The ICI coal to oil plant and its varied uses Kirk, F.A.
Lodz textile mills: indigenous culture or functional imperatives? Riley, Ray
Easton & Anderson and the water supply of Antwerp (Belgium) Van Craenenbroeck, W.
Volume 21 No. 1 (June 1999) The Rolt Memorial Lecture 1997: New Materials for a New Age: Steel and Concrete Construction in the North of England, 1860-1939 Stratton, Michael
Broseley Pipeworks Hayman, R. & Horton, W.
Water supplies for steam-powered textile mills Holden, Roger N.
The St. Helens Iron Foundry Hedley, Iain & Scott, Ian
Volume 21 No. 2 (November 1999) Evolution of the pre-Cornish beam engine house Bick, David
Nature Conservation and Post-Industrial Landscapes Box, John
Power systems in four Gwynedd slate quarries Gwyn, David
Textile Mills for Twente: the case of Beltman versus Stott Stenvert, Ronald
Volume 22 No. 1 (May 2000) Housing Quality in Rural Textile Colonies, c.1800 - c.1850: The Ashworth Settlements revisited Timmins, Geoffrey
The Development of Malthouses around the Hertfordshire-Essex border Crosby, Tony
Excavation of post-medieval wharfside buildings, Dunbar Wharf, Narrow Street, Limehouse 1996 Divers, David
The Rolt Memorial Lecture 1998: Swindon - Brunels Ugly Duckling Falconer, Keith
Volume 22 No. 2 (November 2000) Early water turbines in the British Isles Crocker, Alan
The Thornton Archive and the production of sawpierced silverware in Sheffield Cavanagh, N.A.
Lock and Dam Number 7 on the Monongahela River Gill, Jonathan
Departed Glory: the archaeology of the Leeds tanning industry 1780 to 1914 Gomersall, Helen M.
Volume 23 No. 1 (May 2001) Coalmining in Upper Silesia 1880-1939: some surviving surface installations Riley, Ray
An introduction to the archaeology and conservation of football stadia Smith, Jonathan
The Identification, Recording and Management of the More Recent Archaeological and Architectural Heritage of Essex Gould, Shane
The Embassy Cinema, Braintree, Essex Upson, A. & Richardson, S. contributions by Gould, S
Volume 23 No. 2 (November 2001) Copperas: an account of the Whitstable copperas works and the first major chemical industry in England Allen, Cotterill & Pike
Structuration theory and 19th century corn milling in Portsmouth Riley, Ray & Yoward, T.
The development of all-metal water towers Gould, Michael H.
Nitro-glycerine washing house, South Site, Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Factory, Essex Foreman, Stuart
Volume 24 No. 1 (May 2002) The Industrial Archaeology of Spitsbergen Catford, Ken
Remnants of a Revolution: Mumford's Flour Mill, Greenwich Clarke, Jonathan
The Rolt Memorial Lecture 2001: The Development of Industrial Museums Within Landscapes Smith, Stuart B.
‘A Dialogue I'll Tell You as True as mee Life . . .': Vernacular Song and Industrial Archaeology in Northern England Young, Robert
Volume 24 No. 2 (November 2002) Friedrich Edouard Hoffmann and the Invention of Continuous Kiln Technology: The archaeology of the Hoffmann Kiln and 19th Century industrial development (Part 1) Johnson, David
King's Standing Transmitter Station, Crowborough Martin, Ron
The Fenny Compton Tunnel, Oxford Canal Selby, John
18th and 19th Century Market Town Industry: An analytical model Trinder, Barrie
Volume 25 No. 1 (May 2003) Technology as culture Hulme, John R.
Friedrich Edouard Hoffmann and the Invention of the Continuous Kiln Process: The archaeology of the Hoffmann Lime Kiln and 19th Century industrial development (part 2) Johnson, David
The Ephemeral Archaeology of the Miniature Railway Coulls, Anthony
The Archaeology of the Canal Warehouses of North-West England and the Social Archaeology of industrialisation Nevell, Michael
Forging Ahead in Coalbrookdale: Historical archaeology at the Upper Forge Belford, Paul
Volume 25 No. 2 (November 2003) Building a Working-Class Archaeology: The Colorado Coal Field War Project McGuire, Randall H. & Reckner, Paul (For the Ludlow Collective)
Techniques of easing Road Gradients during the Industrial Revolution: A Case Study of Textile Lancashire Timmins, Geoffrey
Bits and Pieces: A Mini Study of Computer Collecting Finn, Christine
Structuration revisited: A Text Case for an Industrial Archaeology Methodology for Far North Queensland Taylor, Vic J.
Volume 26 No. 1 (May 2004) The Iron Bridge – New research in the Ironbridge Gorge De Haan, David
Town and Factory: An Historic Building Survey of John Paton’s Kilncraigs Woollen Mill in Alloa, Clackmannanshire Sproat, D., Toolis, R., Hepher, J. & Rankin, D.
Estate Ruins as Loci for Industrial Archaeology in Jamaica Satchell, Veront M.
Monasteries of Manufacture: Questioning the Origins of English Industrial Architecture Belford, Paul
Volume 26 No. 2 (November 2004) Excavating the Iconic: The Rediscovery of the Fairbottom Bobs Colliery Pumping Engine Nevell, Roberts & Champness
The International Collieries Study: part of the Global Strategy for a balanced World Heritage List Hughes, Stephen
The End Of An Era - Elk Mill 1926-1999 Holden, Roger N.
The ‘Contemporary Archaeology of Mell Square – Developing an Interpretive Framework and Research Strategy for the ‘Preservation by Record’ of a 1960s Shopping Precinct in the West Midlands Lamb, Julian
Volume 27 No. 1 (May 2005) The chicken or the egg? The relationship between industry and transport in East Anglia Alderton, David
Archaeological science and industrial archaeology – manufacturing, landscape and social context Bayley, J. & Williams, J.
Farm Buildings and the Industrial Age Barnwell, P.S.
Industrial Archaeology: Past Present and Prospective Buchanan, Angus
The Excavation of Industrial Era Settlements in North-West England Casella, Eleanor C.
English Woodlands and the supply of fuel for industry Crossley, David
Understanding the Work Place: Agenda for Industrial Archaeology in Britain Falconer, Keith
The Landscape Archaeology of the Vale of Ffestiniog Gwyn, David
Institutional Buildings in worker settlements Hughes, Stephen
Space, Society and the Textile Mill Mellor, Ian
Industrialisation, Ownership, and the Manchester Methodology: The Role of the Contemporary Social Structure During Industrialisation, 1600-1900 Nevell, Michael
Industrial Heritage and National Identity – Sharing Data, the Importance of Context and Strategic Priorities Oglethorpe, Miles
The Country House: technology and society Palmer, Marilyn
Welcome to the Cheap Seats: Cinemas, Sex and Landscape Richardson, Shaun
The Notions of Production and Consumption in Industrial Archaeology: Towards a Research Agenda Riley, Ray
Dirty Old Town? Industrial Archaeology and the Urban Historic Environment Symonds, James
Death and Commemoration Tarlow, Sarah
Domestic Industry in Britain during the 18th and 19th Centuries: Field Evidence and the Research Agenda Timmins, Geoffrey
Talking Sport or Talking Balls? Realising the Value of Sports Heritage Wood, Jason
Volume 27 No. 2 (November 2005) Familiarity Breeding Contempt? - understanding and conserving outworking buildings and landscapes Campion, Garry
The Development of the Chilworth gunpowder works, Surrey, from the mid-nineteenth century Cocroft, W.D. & Tuck, C., contrib. Clarke & Smith
Rainton Bridge South Waggonway Glover, Gavin
Landscape with Writers: Engineering and the Industrial Landscape in English Literature Smith, Denis
Volume 28 No. 1 (May 2006) Welding theory with tourism: past and present of industrial archaeology in Finland Kȁrki, Immonen & Taavitsainen
Industrial Archaeology or the Archaeology of the Industrial Period? Models, Methodology and the Future of Industrial Archaeology. – The 2005 Rolt Memorial Lecture Nevell, Michael
The History of Granton Gas Works Sproat, Diana
The development of fire-proof construction in Brussels between 1840-70 Wouters, I. & De Bouw, M.
Volume 28 No. 2 (November 2006) The Brendon Hills Industrial Survey 1993-2005 Jones, M.H.
Industrial Archaeology in the North York Moors National Park: Recent Work and Research Lee, Graham
Recording Dartmoor’s Extractive Industries Newman, Phil
Recording mining landscapes in the Yorkshire Dales: The contribution of the Northern Mine Research Society Roe, Martin
Aspects of the management of the remains of limestone industries in the Yorkshire Dales Yorkshire Dales. Limestone industries White, Robert
Volume 29 No. 1 (May 2007) The Narrow Gauge Nations: Industrial Archaeology beyond the Leading Sectors: The Rolt Memorial Lecture 2006 Gwyn, David
Percival, Vickers & Co Ltd: The Archaeology of a 19th-Century Manchester Flint Glass Works Miller, Ian
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The William James Foundry 1817-1843: An Expose of Local Metallurgical Enterprise Satchell, V. & Roper, S.
The Stone Dam Mill Engine House Fitzgerald, Ron
Sublime Cascades: Water and Power in Coalbrookdale Belford, Paul

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