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Historical Metallurgy 

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Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society

Volume 1 No. 1 Table of 17th and 18th Century Blast Furnaces
Volume 1 No. 2 Table of 17th and 18th Century Ironworks
Some Details of an Early Furnace (Cannock Chase) Morton, G.R.
Volume 1 No. 3 Coed Ithel Blast Furnace
Melbourne Blast Furnace
Maryport Blast Furnace
Volume 1 No. 4 Blast Furnaces and the 17th and 18th Century Survey
Eglwysfach Furnace Drawing
Supplement – Little Aston Forge cAD1574 to AD1798
Volume 1 No. 5 17th and 18th Century Blast Furnaces
Bloomeries and Forges
Exeter Excavations
Remains of Cornish Tin and Copper Smelting
Metallographic Examination of Middle and Late Bronze Age artefacts Burgess, C. & Tylecote, R.
Table of Furnaces
Volume 1 No. 6 The Iron Industry in the Roman Period Cleere & Bridgewater
Yarranton’s Blast Furnace at Sharpley Pool, Worcestershire Hallett, M. and Morton, G.
Charlcote Furnace, 1733 to 1779 Mutton, N.
The Early Coke Era Morton, G.R.
The Bradley Ironworks of John Wilkinson Smith, W.E.
Volume 1 No. 7 Copper Smelting Experiments Anstee, J.W.
Notes Concerning Copper Smelting Lorenzen, W.
Analysis of Trojan Bronzes Tylecote, R.F. and E.
Investigation of an Iron Object from Lower Slaughter O’Neil, H.E.
Volume 1 No. 8 Lead Smelting in Derbyshire Mott, R.A
The Bloomery at Rockley Smithies, Yorkshire Crossley, D.W.
Abbeydale Works, Sheffield Bestall, J.
The Cementation and Crucible Steel Processes Barraclough, K.C.
Volume 1 No. 9 The Composition of 35 Roman Bronze Coins of the Period AD284 to 363 Cope, L. & Billingham, H.
A Metallurgical Examination of eleven Palstaves Coghlan, H.H.
Some Vitrified Products of Non-Metallurgical Significance Evans, R.T. & Tylecote, R.
Volume 2 No. 1 A Resume of the History of the Forest of Dean’s Ironworking Industries Hart, C.E.
Some Notes on the Geology of the Iron and Coal Deposits of the Forest of Dean Piggott, R.J.
Iron Smelting and Working Sites in and around the Forest of Dean Bridgewater, N.P.
Charcoal Burning in the Royal Forest of Dean Hart, C.E.
Bromley Hill Furnace, Oakwood, Forest of Dean Bridgewater and Morton
The Accumulation of Ancient Slag in the South West of the Iberian Peninsula Allan, J.C.
Volume 2 No. 2 A Treatise on Iron Ore as found in the Bogs and Swamps of Norway and the process of turning it into iron and steel (1782) O. Evenstad (trans Jenson)
Romano-British Ironworks at Bedford Purlieus Dakin, G.F.
Metallurgical Examination of a spoon from Letchworth, Hertfordshire Tylecote, R.F.
Chemical Analysis of 31 large bronze coins minted between AD 294 and 307 Cope, L. & Billingham, H.
A Note on Prehistoric Casting Moulds Coghlan, H.H.
Technical terms used in the Brass Mills in the Saltford and Keynshaw areas Day, J.
Further Excavations at Ariconium Garrod & Bridgewater
A Preliminary Report on the Metallographic Examination of four Fragmentary Early Iron Age Sword Blades from Llyn Cerrig Bach, Anglesey McGrath, J.N.
Iron Smelting in the Nigerian Early Iron Age site at Taruga, Abuja Emirate Tylecote, R.F.
The Phosphorus Content of Iron from the Bloomery Site at West Runton, Norfolk Tylecote, R.F.
Volume 3 No. 1 Some Aspects of the Furness Charcoal Iron Industry Marshall, J.D.
Technical Aspects of the Early Iron Industry of Furness and District Morton, G.R.
The 17th Century Bloomery at Muncaster Head, Cumberland Tylecote, R.F. & Cherry, J
The Industrial Archaeology of the Lake Counties Davies-Shiel, M.
The West Cumberland Iron Industry, its Origins and Development Wattleworth, D.R.
Volume 3 No. 2 An Examination of a North Indian Sword (Firangi) in the collections of the Pitts-Rivers Museum, Oxford Whitaker and Williams
Bronze Melting Remains and Artefacts from Caister-by-Sea Tylecote, R.F.
An Iron-Smelting Furnace Excavated in Ghana Shaw, Thurston
Slag, Cinder and Bear Morton, G. & Wingrove, J.
The Efficiency of the Bloomery Process Morton, G. & Wingrove, J.
Volume 4 No. 1 Metal Mining in the West of England Trounson, J.H.
The History of Mineral Processing in Cornwall Michell, F.B.
Some Observations on the Structure of Ancient Steel from South India and its Method of production Rao, Mukherjee & Lahari
Preliminary Research Findings relating to the Bloomery Period of the Iron Industry in the Upper Basin of the Eastern Rother (East Sussex) Cattell, C.S.
Metallurgical Aspects of Chalcolithic Copper Working at Timna (Israel) Lupu, A.
Recent Work on Early Ironmaking Sites in the Stamford area Tylecote, R.F.
Excavation at Stoney Hazel, High Furness, Lake District, 1968 to 1969, an Interim, Report Davies-Shiel, M.
Volume 4 No. 2 The Forest (of Dean) Railways and their Industrial Associations Paar, H.W.
The Metallography and Chemical Analysis of Iron-Based Samples from Antiquity to Modern Times Henger, G.W.
A Study of the Chemical Composition of Pre-Roman Ironwork from Somerset Haldane, W.
Iron Working at Meroȅ, Sudan
A Metallurgist looks at the Bronze Age Parker, G.
Tin Mining in the Kaiserwald during the 16th Century Majer, J.
Vitrified Products – A Comment Biek, L.
Volume 5 No. 1 The Industrial Metallurgical History of the Swansea District O’Neill, H.
The Welsh Process of Copper Smelting Hopkins, D.W.
Some Aspects of Fieldwork in 16th Century Industrial History Crossley, D.W.
Smelting in Perthshire – A Quest for Copper Bainbridge, J.W.
Excavation of Bloomeries in Rannoch (Perthshire) and Elsewhere Aitken, W.G.
The Charcoal Finery and Chafery Forge Morton, G. & Wingrove, J.
The Examination of Two Samples of Bloomery Iron Brown, G.T.
Further Analysis of the Bronze Coinage of the Emperor Maxentius, AD306 to 312 Cope, L. & Billingham, H.
Examination of Copper Alloy Tools from Tal y Yahya, Iran Tylecote & McKerrell
Volume 5 No. 2 (1971) An Account of the Method of Smelting Lead Ore as it is Practised in the Northern Part of England Mulcaster, James
The Early History of Wortley Forges Mott, R.A.
A Metallurgical Examination of a Bronze Sword found in the Thames at Battersea Coghlan, H.H.
Cyclical Operations at Roman Bloomeries Cleere, H.F.
A Note on the Dating of Bloomeries in the Upper Basin of the Eastern Rother Cattell, C.S.
Swedish Group for Studying Osmund Iron
Excavations at Holbeanwood, 1971 Cleere, H.F.
Report on the Symposium on the Significance of Smelting Experiments for the History of Ferrous Metallurgy, Schaffhausen, November 1970
Volume 6 No. 1 (1972) The Early English Iron Patents, 1600 to 1850 Daff, T.
Coke Ovens at Gregory Spring Colliery, Mirfield, Yorkshire Lyne, J.R.M.
Metallurgical Examination of a Roman Iron Beam from Catterick Bridge, Yorkshire Wright, J.H.
Ironmaking by the Bloomery Process at Nornȁs, Sweden, in 1851 Busch, J.A.W.
A Metallurgical Examination of some objects from Marlik, Iran Tylecote, R.F.
Chingley Forge, Kent, 1971 Crossley, D.W.
Volume 6 No. 2 Fumes, Flues, Condensers and Chimneys in Lead Smelting Tucker, D.G.
Iron and Steel Manufacture in the Dee Estuary of North Wales Richards, P.S.
The Redesdale Ironstone Beds Hemingway, J.E.
Metallographic Examination of 16th Century Armour Williams, A.R.
An 18th Century Steelmaking Enterprise: The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, 1759 to 1772 Barraclough, K.C.
Excavations at Chingley Furnace July to August 1972 Crossley, D.W.
Volume 7 No. 1 (1973) Casting Copper and Bronze into Stone Moulds Tylecote, R.F.
A Note on Slag from the first American Blast-Furnace Hallett, M.M.
A Report on the Manufacture of Steel in Yorkshire and a Comparison with the Principal Groups of Steelworks in Europe (Part 1) Le Play (trans Barraclough)
A Visit to Sweden Tylecote, R.F.
Sites of Charcoal Blast Furnaces at Shifnal and Kemberton, Shropshire, 1972 Mutton, N.
The 17th Century Wireworks Sites at Whitebrook, Monmouthshire Tucker, D.G.
The Furnaces at Coed Ithel and Trellech Paar, H.W.
The Percy Collection of Metallurgical Specimens in the Science Museum, South Kensington
Work in Progress: The Bloomery at Pippingford, Hartfield, East Sussex
Volume 7 No. 2 (1973) The Manufacture of Jewellery during the Migration Period at Helgo in Sweden Lamm, K.
Ancient Clay Furnace Bars from Iran Barnes, J.W.
Irish Prehistoric Gold-Working: Some Geological and Metallurgical Considerations Briggs, S., Brennan, J. & Freeburn, G.
A Report on the Manufacture of Steel in Yorkshire and a Comparison with the Principal Groups of Steelworks in Europe (Part 2) Le Play (trans Barraclough)
Volume 8 No. 1 (1974) Iron Age and Romano-British Iron Working Site in Minepit Wood, Rotherfield, Sussex Money, J.H.
Iron Smelting Procedures in the Upper Region of Ghana Pole, L.M.
The Examination of Metallurgical Material from Abu Matar, Israel Tylecote, R.F.,Rothenberg, B. & Lupu, A.
A Report on the Manufacture of Steel in Yorkshire and a Comparison with thePrincipal Groups of Steelworks in Europe (Part 3) Le Play (trans Barraclough)
Notes on Lifting a Furnace Base from the Romano-British Bloomery Siteat Broadfield, Crawley, Surrey Gibson-Hill, J.
Can Copper be Smelted in a Crucible? Tylecote, R.F.
Metallurgy in Art
Excavations at Pippingford Furnaces, Sussex Crossley, D.
Volume 8 No. 2 (1974) Notabilia in Essays of Oars and Metals: A 17th Century Manuscript Smith, C.S. & Wallraff, B.
Notes on the Development of Metallographic Studies of Ancient Iron Scott, B.G.
The Metallographic Examination of a Burgkmair Etching Plate in the British Museum Williams, A.R.
Materials Testing in Classical Greece: Technical Specifications in the 4th Century AD Varoufakis, G.J.
The Present Day Production of Wrought Iron Morton, G. & Birt, R.G.
The Production of Steel in Britain by the Cementation and Crucible Processes Barraclough, K.C.
Evidence of Ironworking at Braughing, Hertfordshire Tribbick, R.C.
Volume 9 No. 1 (1975) The Old Wireworks and Ironworks of the Angidy Valley at Tintern, Gwent Paar, H.W. & Tucker, D.G.
A Brass Tripod from Cyprus in the Newbury Museum Coghlan, H.H. & Parker, G.
Examination of Bearing from Saxon Water Mill Trent, E.M.
Some Uses of Thermo Analysis in Archaeometallurgy Tylecote, R.F.
Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement at Hartfield, Sussex Money, J.H.
Aspects of Early Copper Smelting Ottaway, B.S.
A New Method for the Removal of Metallographic Specimens from Metal Artefacts Tylecote, R.F.
Volume 9 No. 2 (1975) The Evolution of the Cowper Stove Green, D.R.
Iron Smelting at Taruga, Nigeria Tylecote, R.F.
Materials Testing in Classical Greece Varoufakis, G.J.
Copper Artefacts from Tutankhamun’s Tomb Coghlan, H.H.
Comments on Medieval Swedish Osmond Iron Tholander, E.
Gold is where you find it
Volume 10 No. 1 (1976) Metallographic Examination of six ancient Steel Weapons Brewer, C.W.
Report on International Symposium at Eisenstadt
Bessemer and West Cumberland Wattleworth, D.R.
Blast Furnace Management on Teesside in 1908 Charman, D.
An Examination of some Palestinian Bronzes Branigan, K., McKerrell, H. & Tylecote, R.F
Slag from an Ancient Copper Smelter at Timna, Israel Milton, Dwornik, Finkelman and Toulmin
Crucibles from a Roman Settlement in Germany Bachmann, H.G.
The Minerals of South-West Scotland Williams, J.
Report on Maryport Ingots Ashmore, B.
Volume 10 No. 2 (1976) Metallurgical Investigation of Roman Lead Pipe from Pompeii Krysko & Lehrheuer
Charcoal Iron Making in the Dėpartement of Lot-et-Garonne, France Mutton, N.
Steel from 100 years ago Barraclough and Kerr
Analyses of Wealden Iron Ores Worssam and Gibson-Hill
Work in Progress at Lymm Slitting Mill Johnson, B. & Bearpark, P.
The Story of Weyland the Smith Willen, Soedel and Foley
Volume 11 No. 1 (1977) The North Staffordshire Iron Industry, 1600 to 1800 Lead, P.
The Technology of Wire Making at Tintern, Gwent, 1566 to c1880 Paar, H.W. & Tucker, D.G.
Benjamin Huntsman, 1704 to 1776 Barraclough, K.C.
Zinc Production at Tindale Fell, Cumbria Almond, J.K.
Wanlockhead: An Introduction Swinbank, P.
Volume 11 No. 2 (1977) Platinum Group Inclusions in Ancient Gold Artifacts Ogden, J.M.
Romano-British Ironworking Sites, a Gazetteer Aiano, A.R.
The Downpatrick Bloom Tylecote, R.F.
The Drummer Boy Stone, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Standing, I. & Tylecote, R.
A Bronze Strigil from Greece Examined Coghlan, H.H.
Wortley Top Forge, the Possibility of Early Steel Production Barraclough, K.C.
Volume 12 No. 1 (1978) A 17th Century Blast Furnace at Allensford, Northumberland Linsley & Hetherington
Medieval Iron Artefacts from the Newbury area of Berkshire: Metallurgical Examinations Coghlan, H. & Tylecote, R.
Early Iron-Working Sites in North East Yorkshire Hayes, R.H.
A Cleveland Ironstone Pillar Hemingway, J.E.
The Iron Industry of East Denbighshire during the late 18th Century Turley, J.T.
18th Century Blast Furnaces: A New Checklist Riden, P.
A New Kind of Copper Slag from Tawi Aarja, Oman Weisgerber, G.
The Performance of an Experimental Charcoal fired Crucible Furnace Wraith, A.E.
Mining History in South East Europe: The First Symposium Bulgaria 1975 Greeves, T.A.P.
Volume 12 No. 2 (1978) Ethiopian Bloomery Iron and the Significance of Inclusion Analysis in Iron Studies Todd, J.A. and Charles, J.A.
The Manufacture of Cut Steel Studs and Beads Rees Rawlings, D.
A Crucible Steel Melter’s Logbook Barraclough, K.C.
The Beginning of the Wireworks at Whitebrook, Gwent, in the Early 17th Century Tucker, D.G.
A Copper Smelting Furnace at Hissarcikki, Turkey Prentiss de Jesus, S.
A Note Concerning the Analyses of Roman Mirrors in Holland Lloyd-Morgan, G.
Volume 13 No. 1 (1979) The Pursuit of Crotches Denner, S.G.
The setting of the Stage for Sydney Gilchrist Thomas Barraclough, K.C.
Cleveland and the Basic Process of Steelmaking Almond, J.K.
New Light on the Bedlam Furnaces, Ironbridge, Telford Smith, S.B.
The Parker Brothers, Black Country Ironmasters Hunt, L.B.
The Saltford Brass Annealing Furnace Day, J.M.
Weyland the Smith: Some Findings Martin, G. and Foley, V.
Volume 13 No. 2 (1979) 17th Century Ironmaking in South West Herefordshire van Laun, , J.
A Prehistoric Nickel-Alloyed Iron Axe Hermelin, E., Tholander, E. & Blomgren, S.
Tregganu White Brass van Praagh, G.
Analyses of Bronze Age Artefacts from Irish Museums Coghlan, H.H.
Volume 14 No. 1 (1980) Calenick: A Cornish Tin Smelter, 1702 to 1891 Tylecote, R.F.
The Metallurgical Examination of a Bronze Age Gold Torc from Shropshire Lang, Meeks & McIntyre
Notes on Contributors
Cylindrical Shaft Furnaces of the Early Wealden Iron Industry: c100 BC to AD300 Hill, J. Gibson
The Iron Industry of East Denbighshire during the early 18th Century Turley, J.T.
The story of 11/14% Manganese Steel Rails Stonehouse & Sherwood
The Carbon Reduction of Fully Oxidised Chalcopyrite (Copper) Ores Rostoker and Sadowski
Volume 14 No. 2 (1980) Historic Blast Furnace Slags: Archaeological and Metallurgical Analysis White, J.R.
The Operation of Charcoal Blast Furnaces in Sussex in the early 18th Century Saville, R.V.
The Marmora Iron Works in Upper Canada: The First Phase, 1819 to 1826 Dunn, A.D.
Examination of some Continental Bronze Age Decorative Objects Coghlan, H.H.
Reconstruction of Techniques used to Produce Prehistoric Nickel Rich Iron Artefacts Tholander & Blomgren
The Possibilities of Producing Iron-Nickel Alloys in Prehistoric Times Blomgren, S.
Volume 15 No. 1 (1981) Metallographic Examination of Medieval and Post-Medieval Iron Armour Brewer, C.W.
Ironmaking in Ringwood, New Jersey Chard, J.
A 19th Century Scottish Blast Furnace in Iran Weisgerber, G.
Blowing Engine at Bedlam Furnace, Ironbridge, Shropshire Smith, S.B.
Wiltshire Iron: 1855 to 1949 Day, R. & Gale, W.K.V
An Oliver at Warley, West Yorkshire, AD1349 to 1350 Jewell, H., Michelmore, D. & Moorehouse, S.
Iron Smelting in Isthmia Rostoker & Gebhard
Letter to the Editor – Medieval Iron
Volume 15 No. 2 (1981) The Production of Wrought Iron in Finery Hearths – Part 1 den Ouden, A.
New Light on early American Ironmaking: The Eaton Furnace White, J.R.
Metallurgy in thev Wye Valley and South Wales in the late 18th Century Tucker, D. & Wakelin, P.
Chancery Masters’ Exhibits in the PRO Jack, S.
Evidence of Copper Smelting in Bronze Age Jericho Khalil, L. & Bachmann, H.
The Remains of an Iron Smelting Furnace near Woodbridge, Suffolk Weight, M.L.
Volume 16 No. 1 (1982) Excavations at Tintern Abbey Furnace Pickin, J.
A Non-Ferrous Industrial Complex at Tintern Abbey Courtney, P.
Swedenborg and an Iron Foundry in Italy Morelli, R.
The Production of Wrought Iron in Finery Hearths – Part 2 den Ouden, A.
Volume 16 No. 2 (1982) Herbert Henry Coghlan, an Appreciation Tylecote, R.F.
Metallurgical Notes on Bronze Age Implements Parker, G.
Arsenical Copper in H.H. Coghlan’s Works and Investigations in Baku Selimkhanov, I.R.
Early Copper Slags etc. from the Agadez Region of Niger Tylecote, R.F.
Metallographic Research on Copper Axes from an Eneolithic Italian Cave Matteoli, L. & Storti, C.
Twenty Five Years of Spectroanalytical Research in Austria Pittioni, R.
Early Blast Furnace News Blick, C.
Volume 17 No. 1 (1983) Iron Smelting in Western Africa: Ivory Coast Zacharias & Bachmann
A New Cover for the Old Furnace
Excavations at Tintern Abbey Furnace – Part 2 Pickin, J
The Norton Ironworks and the Casting, in 1856, of the first Big Ben Bell Tomlin, D.M.
The Beam Blowing Engines of the Neath Abbey Iron Company Ince, L.
Melting/Smelting of Bronze at Isthmia Rostoker, McNallan and Gebhard
Note on a Bronze Ram from an Early Ship
Letter to the Editor from Professor Dr. Jerzy Piaskowski
Neutron Activation Analysis of Ancient Chinese Bronze Seals Chuang, Kwong & Wong
Robert Bakewell, 1682 to 1752 Wood, R.
The Saint-Maurice Ironworks, Canada Beaudet, P.
Late Deliveries and Customer Complaints in the Ancient Metals Industry of the Near East Minoff, E.
A New Bell-Founding Workshop
Alloy Composition of Cast Latten Objects, 15th and 16th Centuries Brownsword, R. & Pitt, E.
Iron Blooms in the North-West Passage
Volume 17 No. 2 (1983) Copper and Bronze Metallurgy in Sardinia Tylecote, Balmuth & Massoli-Novelli
Appendix: The Smelting of Copper Ore from Calabona Merkel, J.F. & Tylecote, R.
Spinning, Turning, Polishing Craddock, P. and Lang, J.
Obituary – Theodore A. Wertime
X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of the Appleford Hoard of Romano-British Pewter Pollard, A.M.
English Iron for American Arms: Laboratory Evidence on the Iron used in the Springfield Armoury in 1860 Gordon, R.B.
Depletion Gilding and Surface Treatment of Gold Alloys from the Narino Area of Ancient Colombia Scott, D.A.
A Rock-Cut Copper Smelting Furnace in the Tinma Valley Rothenberg, B.
A Note on some Medieval Pewter Spoon Alloys Brownsword and Pitt
Early Blast Furnace News – Edited by C.R. Blick
A Blast Furnace Picture on Glass Gale, K.
Volume 18 No. 1 (1984) Sir William Siemens, 1823 to 1883 Barraclough, K.C.
Further Examination of a Cutting Tip from Cannon-Boring Tool Trent, E.M. & Smart, E.F.
Copper Sulphate as an Ancient Source of Copper Rostoker, W. & Shen, G.
A Metallurgical Study of Iron Pile Shoes from the Roman Bridge at Minturnae Campbell, J. & Fahy, F.
Shape and Microstructure of Copper Produced in a Reconstructed Ancient Smelting Process Bamberger, M.
The Composition of some 6th Century Kentish Silver Brooches Leigh, Cowell & Turgoose
Roman Brass-Making in Britain Bayley, J.
Early Blast-Furnace News Blick, C.
Obituary: Reginald Arthur Mott
Volume 18 No. 2 (1984) Ancient Athenian Silver Mines, Dressing Floors and Smelting Sites Jones, J.E.
Machining Wrought Iron with Carbon Steel Tools Trent, E.M. & Smart, E.F.
Studies on an Ancient Chinese Cast-Iron Object with a Bronze Coating Rostoker, W., Bronson, B. & Dvorak, J.
Some Traditional Chinese Iron Production Techniques Practiced in the 20th Century Wagner, D.B.
Elemental Analysis of Himalayan Metal Statues Nieuwenhuysen and Adams
Iron Gun-Founding in the mid-17th Century. The Winter Blowings at Horsmonden 1656 and 1659 Farrow, G.W.E.
The Survival of Early Blast Furnaces: A World Survey Crossley, D.
Early Blast Furnace News Blick, C.
Volume 19 No. 1 (1985) Copper 1: Alloy to Pure Metal Chadwick, R.
Notes on Alloy Developments Smith, A.E.W.
Copper 2: Brasses, Bronzes and Nickel Silver Temple, S.G.
Copper 3: Manganese Bronze Propellers French, A.H.R.
Copper 4: Steam Condenser Tubes Gilbert, P.
Copper 5: Other Alloys Alexander, W.O.
Zinc Alloys. 1900 to 1950 Street, A.
Notes on Die-Cast Zinc Disintegration Goodway, M.
Aluminium 1: Aluminium Alloys. 1900 to 1950 King, F.
Aluminium 2: Hiduminium and RR Alloys to 1950 Doyle, W.M.
Aluminium 3: The Development of Alloys Young, G.M.
Magnesium: Development and Production Fox, F. & Levis, G.
Nickel: 1900 to 1950 Bradbury, E.J.
Tungsten and High Density Alloys Prince, A. & Jones, D.J.
Hardmetal: The History to 1950 Sandford, E.J.
Alloy Cast Irons: 1900 to 1950 Hughes, I.C.H.
Tool and High-Speed Steels: 1900 to 1950 Keown, S.R.
Alloy Steels: 1900 to 1950 Dulieu, D.
Notes on Stellites Riddihough, M.
High Alloy. Stainless Steels Truman, J.
Alloy Steels: The Sheffield Connection Keown, S.R.
Early Blast Furnace Notes Block, C.R.
Melting Tin in the West of England: A Study of an Old Art Earl, B.
Volume 19 No. 2 (1985) Some Early Tin Ingots, Ores and Slags from Western Europe Beagrie, H.
The Apparent Tinning of Bronze Axes and other Artefacts Tylecote, R.F.
XPS Depth Profile Analysis of the Surface decoration on a Pre-Columbian Gilded Gold Copper Alloy Pectoral Gillies, K. & Urch, D.
Prehistoric and Medieval Iron Production: Reaction Processes in the Production of Iron Ores in Low Shaft Furnaces Bjorkenstam, N.
H.M. Tower Armouries: Wrought Iron Cannon Production Smith, R.
No. 46235, LMS Steam Locomotive ‘City of Birmingham’: Metallurgical Notes Alexander, B.
Alloys and the Motor Trade: 1900 to 1950 Street, Hughes & Blackwell
Transformer Core Steels Wise, M.
Extracts from a Notebook of Personal Recollections Flather (ed. Barraclough)
Letters to the Editor
Volume 20 No. 1 (1986) Ancient Chinese Copper Smelting, 6th Century BC: Some Recent Excavations and Simulation Experiments Wagner, D.B.
Melting Tin in the West of England: Part 2 Earl, B.
Bell Moulds from Kirkstall Abbey, West Yorkshire Duncan & Wrathmell
XRF Analyses of some Anglo-Saxon Copper Finds from Watchfield, Oxfordshire Mortimer, Pollard & Scull
Melting Points and Viscosities of Ancient Slags: A Discussion Kreston, P.
19th Century British Lead Pigs in Oman Weisgerber & al-Shanfari
Volume 20 No. 2 (1986) An Assessment of Lead Smelting Processes and the use of XRF for the Analysis of Resulting Slags Gill, M.C.
Some Aspects of the Origin of the Blast Furnace Tholander & Blomgren
Primitive Furnaces and the Development of Metallurgy Rehder, J.E.
Metallography of Brass in a 16th Century Astrolabe Gordon, R.B.
Intrepretation of some Romano-British Smithing Slag from Awre in Gloucestershire Allen, J.R.L.
The Origin of the Copper Used for the Statue of Liberty Franey, Graedel, Nash, Lande Selmer and White
Comments on the Oldest Known Lead Figurine Krvsko, W.W.
Volume 21 No. 1 (1987) Metallurgical Investigation of Cast Irons from Les Forges du Saint-Maurice Ironworks, Quebec, Canada Unglik, H.
Terrestrial and Meteoric Nickel in the Indonesian Kris Bronson, B.
Denis Hayford: An Early Steel Master Barraclough & Awty
British Firebricks in North America Gurcke, K. (notes Dunn)
An Examination of Roman Iron Working Residues from Loughor, W. Glamorgan, Wales Greenough, A.P.
Microstructure of Puddling Slags from Fontley, Roxbury, Connecticut, U.S.A. Killick, D. & Gordon, R.
The Change from Charcoal to Coke in Iron Smelting Rehder, J.E.
Wrought Iron again: The Blists Hill Ironworks Officially Opened Smith, S.B. & Gale, W.K.
Volume 21 No. 2 (1987) One Hundred Years of Blast Furnace Development Kingdo, R.T.
A Letter of Henry Bessemer: Regarding the Continuous Casting of Steel Products Kehahian, J.S.
The Study of Early Iron Production in Spis Mihok, L., Cengel, P., Holly & Javorsky, F.
Phase Changes Associated with the Hydrogen Reduction Conservation Process for Ferrous Artefacts Archer & Barker
Photomicrographic Examination of an Early American Iron White, J. & Jones, R.
The Origin of the Blast Furnace: Evidence from Francophone Areas Awty, B.G.
Metallurgical Notes on Exhibits at the Royal Air Force Museum, RAF Cosford Alexander, W.O.
Volume 22 No. 1 (1988) An Examination of some early Bronzes from Samreng Sen, Kampuchea Murowchick, R.E.
Phosphorus in Low Carbon Iron: Its Beneficial Properties Goodway & Fisher
The Bristol Brass Industry. Furnace Structures and their Associated Remains Day, J.M.
Andrew Yarranton and the British Tinplate Industry Brown, P.J.
Melting Points and Viscosities of Ancient Metal Slags: A Contribution to the Discussion Freestone, I.C.
An Historical Note on the King’s Norton Metal Company Limited Chadwick, R.
Volume 22 No. 2 (1988) Two Brazilian Ironworks of the Early 19th Century Toussaint, F.
Chemical Compositional Patterns in Romano-British Bloomery Slags from the Wetlands of the Severn Estuary Allen, J.R.L.
Experimental Casting of Silver Ingots Kruse, Smith & Starling
A Note on an Early Application of Aluminium Bronze Cowell, M.
An Important Contribution to the History of the Crucible Steelmaking Process Pipping & Barraclough
A Possible Romanesque Object made from Zinc Brownsword, R.
Wolverley Lower Mill and the Beginnings of the Tinplate Industry King, P.W.
Volume 23 No. 1 (1989) The Contribution of Henry Clifton Sorby to the Study of Reflected Light Microscopy of Iron and Steel Hammond, C.
White Copper: The Arsenical Coinage of the Libyan Revolt 241 to 238 BC La Niece & Carradice
Old Kingdom Copper Smelting Artefacts from Buhen in Upper Egypt El Gayar, E.S. & Jones, M.
Two Thousand Years of Coinage in China: An Analytical Survey Bowman, Cowell & Cribb
A New Late Bronze Age Weapon Hoard from the Guadalquivir River in the Province of Seville, Spain Ruiz-Delgado & Hunt-Ortiz
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Reconstructing a Blacksmithing ‘Landscape’: Saxon Smithing at Wharram Percy Eleanor Blakelock, Gerry McDonnell, Samantha R. Rubinson Nicholas Chabot, Allan B. Daoust and E. Ann Clark
One Man’s Waste is another Man’s Obsession: A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Ferrous Slags Allan B. Daoust
Wars of the Roses: Battlefield Arrowheads under the Microscope David Starley and Rachel S. Cubitt
The Iron Bars from the ‘Gresham Ship’: Employing Multivariate Statistics to further Slag Inclusion Analysis of Ferrous Objects Thomas Birch and Marcos Martinon-Torres
Experimental Ironmaking in the 1720s: Thomas Tomkyns and his Contemporaries Peter King
Historical Metallurgy Society – Occasional Publications
Metals and Metalworking – A Research Framework for Archaeometallurgy – HMS Occasional Publication No. 6
  Research in Progress – Meeting held at Sheffield University 9th November 2011  
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