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Transactions of the Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society (NCMRS)

Transactions 1960-1 (June 1961)
Transactions 1962-3 (April 1964)

Individual Survey Series of the Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society

Publication 1: Springs Wood Level, Starbotton, Kettlewell, Yorkshire Ed. D.T. Richardson
Publication 2: The Non-Ferrous Metal Mines of South-West Scotland J.R. Foster-Smith
Publication 3: The Metalliferous Mines of the Arnside-Carnforth Districts of Lancashire & Westmorland C.M. Moseley
Publication 4: The Greenhow Lead Mining Field (A Historical Survey) J.M. Dickinson
Publication 5: The Non-Ferrous Mines of Denbighshire J.R. Foster-Smith
Publication 6: The Teign Valley Lead Mines C.J. Schmitz
Publication 7: The Non-Ferrous Mines of Flintshire J.R. Foster-Smith

Memoirs of the Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society (NCMRS)

Memoirs 1964
Memoirs 1965
Memoirs 1966 (December 1966)
Memoirs 1967 (December 1967)
Memoirs 1968 (January 1969)
Memoirs 1969 (October 1969)
Memoirs Volume 2 No. 1
Memoirs Volume 2 No. 2 (August 1972)
Memoirs Volume 2 No. 3 (September 1973)
Memoirs Volume 2 No. 4 (June 1974)

British Mining – Memoirs of the Northern Mine Research Society

British Mining No. 1
Lumb Clough Lead Smelting Mill Dickinson, Gill and Martell
A Prototype Aerial Ropeway at Hebden Dickinson, J.M.
North Mossdale Mine Gill, M.C.
Cost of Sinking the Hanging Hey Pit Aked, J.A.
Articles of Agreement between J. Farrer and A. Shaw Aked, J.A.
The Instructions given by The Company of Mines Royal to George Bowes and A. Shaw Wildridge, J.D.J.
Mineral Veins in Bannerdale Crags Ziemba, T.G.P.
Strontian Lead Mines Landless, J.G.
Vigra – Clogau – St. David’s Mine Areas Madoc-Jones, G.W.
British Mining No. 2
The Bay Mine, Wanlockhead, Scotland Harvey and Downs-Rose
British Mining No. 3
The Keld Literary Institute Craig, W.J.
Mire Shaft, Grassington Moor Gill, M.C.
An Old Mining Law Suit of the 16th Century Aked, J.
Visit to Wheal Jane Tin Mine Hunter, J.
An Account of an Accident at Wheal Agar Gill, M.C.
Synopsis – Clogau St. David’s Gold Mine, Bontddu Madoc-Jones, G.W.
Notes on Subterranean Temperatures in Metal Mines Bird, R.H.
Lead and Leases Harvey and Downs-Rose
A History of the Hebden Moor Lead Mines in the 19th Century Gill, M.C.
An Introduction to the Mines in the Isle of Man Landless, J.
British Mining No. 4
The Mines of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire Foster-Smith, J.R.
British Mining No. 5
An Exercise in Mineral Exploration – Dartmoor 1974 Hunter, J.
The Bubble Company Brooke, Justin
The Weardale Lead Company Limited Smith, F.W.
The Sacking of the Francises by John Taylor 1841-2 Tucker, Mary and Gordon
Force Crag Today – October 1876 Landless, V.
Who Discovered Devon Great Consols? Brooke, Justin
The Nenthead and Tynedale Lead and Zinc Company Limited 1882-1896 Almond, J.K.
The Nenthead Lead Mines and Works of the Vielle Montagne Zinc Company, 1913 Landless, J.
The Phoenix United Mines, in the Parish of Linkinhorne, East Cornwall Shambrook, R.
A Report on the Excavations at the Chimney Shaft, Cockhill Mine Gill, M.C. and McNeil, J.
Castell Carndochan Gold Mine and Prince Edward Gold Mine Jones, W.G.
British Mining No. 6
The Mines of Merioneth Foster-Smith, J.R.
British Mining No. 7
A History of the Conlig and Whitespots Lead Mines Woodrow, A.
British Mining No. 8
A Report on Excavations at the site of the Eighteenth Century lead smelter at Pate’s Knowes, Wanlockhead Harvey and Downs-Rose G.
Source materials for the history of British Mining in the Archives of the Institute of Geological Sciences Thackray, J.C.
The Holyhead Breakwater, Quarries and Brickworks Jones, W.G.
Stannary Tales Brooke, Justin
An Account of the N.M.R.S. Exploration at Sunside, Coldstones Hill, Pateley Bridge Finch, A.
The Mineral Production Figures of Alston Moor Lawson, J.
Buckden Out Moor Lead Smelting Mill Dickinson, J.M.
Copper Ore Statistics: Public Ticketings, Cornwall 1814-1856 and Swansea 1819-1856
Hemerdon Ball – Rolling Again Hunter, J.
Bale Hills in Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Barker, J.L.
British Mining No. 9
The Llandudno Copper Mines Williams, C.J.
British Mining No. 10
The Mines of Montgomery and Radnorshire Foster-Smith, J.R.
British Mining No. 11 - 1979
The mineral statistics of Lead and Zinc mining on Alston Moor, Cumberland Burt, Waite and Atkinson
The Coalbrookdale Coalfield, Shropshire – Mineral Working and land reclamation Brown, I.J.
Notes on the dangers, location and treatment of old mine shafts in part of the Coalbrookdale Coalfield Brown, I.J.
Memories of a Collier in the Halifax coal mining district Aked, J.
Preesall Salt Mines Landless, V.
New light on Llanfyrnach Lead Mine, Pembrokeshire Tucker, G.
A note on the Application of Photography to Mining Bird, R.H.
Extracts from the Minute Book of the North Hendre Lead Mining Co. Ltd. Bayles, R.
Llanfair Mines, Llanfair, Talhaiarn, Denbighshire Jones, W.G.
Blubberhouse Moor Lead Mine Gill, M.C.
Greenside Explored Landless, V.
Greenside Mine: Ore Dressing c1900 – The Dam Disaster 1927 Challis, P.J.
The Rebuilding of two Smelting Hearths at Wanlockhead Harvey and Downs-Rose
The Mines of Littondale Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 12
The Mines of Cardiganshire Foster-Smith, J.R.
British Mining No. 13
The Mines of Grassington Moor and Wharfedale N.M.R.S. Records
British Mining No. 14
The Manganese Mines of North Wales Down, C.G.
British Mining No. 15
The Teign Valley Silver-Lead Mines, 1806 to 1880 Schmitz, C.J.
British Mining No. 16
The Gallantry Bank Copper Mine, Bickerton, Cheshire Carlon, Chris, J.
British Mining No. 17
The Cwmystwyth Mines Hughes, Simon J.S.
British Mining No. 18
The Non-Ferrous Mines of the South Wales Area Foster-Smith, J.R.
British Mining No. 19
Pumping Engines at the Leadhills Mines Harvey, W.S.
West Stonesdale Mine McNeil, J.S.
Geological Sections of Holyfield, Hudgill Cross Vein and Silver Bank Mines Gill, M.C.
The Iron Mining Industry in Devon Atkinson, Waite and Burt
Hartsop Hall Mine, 1980 Hewer, R.E.
Prys Mine Tyson, L.O. & Hewer, R.E.
Survey of ‘Wood Level’ at Brandlehow, Cumbria Hewer, R.E.
The Cornish Boiler Shambrook, R.
Surviving Miscellany Bird, R.H.
Cornwall: Sites of Interest Old and New Brooke, J.
Merstham Firestone Mines: An Interim Report Keeting, J.
The Wherry Mine, Penzance Shambrook, R.
Mining, Methodism – Primitive and United, Bible Christians etc. Shambrook, R.
The Old Flockton Collieries, c.1772-1893 Goodchild, J.
British Mining No. 20
The Caradon and Phoenix Mining area Shambrook, H.R.
British Mining No. 21
The Greenhow Lead Mining Field – A Historical Survey Dickinson, J. & Gill, M.
British Mining No. 22
“The Richest in all Wales!” The Welsh Potosi or Esgair Hir and Esgair Fraith Lead and Copper Mines of Cardiganshire Palmer, Marilyn
British Mining No. 23
Mines, Smelt Mills and Works: Descriptions by an Edwardian Traveller Brears, P.C.D.
The Snaefell Mine Accident 1897 Challis, P.J.
An Account of a Mine Adventure by John Royle on the Gwydir Estate, 1775-1784 Bennett, J.S.
The Jordanhill Coal Pits, Glasgow Skillen, B.S.
A Certain Freehold Mineral Estate known as Fox Oak Colliery Chapman, N.A.
An Introduction to the Mineral Statistics of the United Kingdom, 1845-1913 Burt, R. with Waite, P.
The Duke’s Level, Grassington. A Comment on John Taylor’s Views Gill, M.C.
The Hurst Mining Field, Swaledale, Yorkshire Tyson, L.O.
Surviving Miscellany
British Mining No. 24
The Ancient Metal Mines of the Isle of Islay, Argyll Callender & Macaulay
British Mining No. 25
William West of St. Blazey Cooke, M.W.
John Taylor and Sons in Switzerland Von Arx, R.
White Grit Lead Mine Chapman, N.A.
Bannerdale Lead Mine Hewer, R.E.
Martholme Pit, Great Harwood Bond, B.
Gillibrand Colliery, Parbold – A Late 18th Century Coalmine Virgoe, J.M.
The Mechanisation of the Grassington Mines Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 26
The Old Mines of the Llangynog District, North Powys, Mid-Wales Williams, R.A.
British Mining No. 27
The Rheidol United Mines Prichard, R.J.
British Mining No. 28
Lumpsey Ironstone Mine Chapman, N.A. & S.A.
Messrs. Boulton and Watt to Messrs. Easterby Hall and Co. Chapman, N.A.
Notes on 19th Century Coal Mining at Staveley, Derbyshire Chapman, N.A.
Vignette on ‘Elgar’ Von Arx, R.
Birkside Copper Mine, Thirlmere, Cumbria Hewer, R.E.
The first Steam Engine on the Leadhills Mines Harvey and Downs-Rose
The Coal of Gladsmuir Harvey, W.S.
Illustration of Ore Sledges Von Arx, R.
N.M.R.S. Field Meeting, North Wales, 1985
Wire Rope and its Applications Hewer, R.E.
British Mining No. 29
A History of the Manor and Lead Mines of Arkengarthdale, Yorkshire Tyson, Leslie Owen
British Mining No. 30
Frongoch Lead and Zinc Mine Bick, David
British Mining No. 31
Talargoch Mine Thorburn, J.A.
British Mining No. 32
The Basset Mines – Their History and Industrial Archaeology Palmer, M. & Neaverson, P.
British Mining No. 33
The Yorkshire and Lancashire Lead Mines – A Study of Lead Mining in the South Craven and Rossendale Districts Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 34
Miners’ Bargains Harvey and Downs-Rose
George Green – Engineer and Entrepreneur 1825 to 1895 Hughes, S.J.S.
Hillhead Colliery, South Brae of Campsie Skillen, B.S.
The High Mortality of British Metal and Slate Mines and Beliefs about the Causes. 1556 to 1904 Williams, R.A.
Caldbeck Fells Stationery Von Arx, R.
The Cannock and Huntington Sinking Chapman, N.A.
Uranium in the Isle of Man Hollis, D.B.
The Forgotten Iron Mines of Kirk Maughold, Isle of Man Hollis, D.B.
Mining Miscellany Austin, A.
British Mining No. 35
The Goginan Mines Hughes, Simon J.S.
British Mining No. 36
The Kelton and Knockmurton Iron Mines 1852 to 1923 Hewer, R.E.
British Mining No. 37
Forgotten Iron Mines of Kirk Maughold, Isle of Man. Recent Explorations Hollis, D.B.
Hydrocarbons in Sulphide Ore Deposits Hollis, D.B.
Small Mines and Trials around Ennerdale, Cumbria Hewer, R.E.
Notes on Mining Leats Bird, R.H.
Yorkshire Lead Mining – Before 1700 Gill, M.C.
The Ohio (Great East Baldwyn or Manx) Mine. The West Baldwyn Mine and the Abbeylands Mine, Isle of Man Hollis, D.B.
British Mining No. 38
A History of the Manor and Lead Mines of Marrick, Swaledale Tyson, L.O.
British Mining No. 39
The Mining Parishes of East Buckland and Charles Claughton, Peter F.
Langley Barony Lead Mine near Haydon Bridge, Northumberland Chapman, N.A.
Miners, Moonshiners and Mischief Galore Skillen, Brian S.
Vignette on “Caegynon” Von Arx, Rolf
Forty Years of Mines and Minerals Bick, D.E.
The Mining of the Rural Districts of Campsie and Kilpatrick Skillen, Brian S.
A Glimpse at North Hendre Mine Von Arx, Rolf
The Progress of Trade Unionism at the Leadhills Mines: 1836 to 1914 Harvey, W.S.
Aspects of the Alum Mining Industry about Glasgow Skillen, Brian S.
My Life by George Boddy Street, M.
Horses in Shropshire Mines Brown, I.J.
Women Workers at Shropshire Mines Brown, I.J.
Drainage, Water Supply, Soughs and other Tunnels in the Coalbrookdale Coalfield – Past, Present and Future Brown, I.J.
British Mining No. 40
The Darren Mines Hughes, Simon J.S.
British Mining No. 41
Miners, Coiners and Conjurers: Some Cornish Tales Skillen, Brian S.
Slates amidst the Bracken: An old Scottish Slate Quarry Skillen, Brian S.
Ravenstonedale Robinson, N.G.
Ore Hearth Smelting. (Voyage Metallurgique en Angleterre) Martell, H.M. & Gill, M.C.
The Brief Life of Mellingloch Lead Mine Von Arx, Rolf
Sediment Hosted, Base Metal, Vein Mineralisation at Drws y Coed and Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia, North Wales Colman, T.B.
Mining Miscellany Bird, R.H.
A Glimpse of Cwm Brwyno Mine Von Arx, Rolf
Local Dreams: The Early Workings of the Brora Colliery Skillen, Brian S.
Old Mines, Miners of Renfrewshire: Glimpses of the Past Skillen, Brian S.
Mining and Proto-Industrialisation Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 42
The Berehaven Copper Mines Williams, R.A.
British Mining No. 43
John Connell Delarue Bevan and the East Cornwall Silver Mining Company Bennett, J.
Thomas Saunders Cave, Speculator Extraordinary Brooke, J.
They Did it Yesterday Bird, R.H.
A Glimpse at East Trevell Mine in Cornwall Von Arx, Rolf
A Glimpse of East Cornwall Mine Von Arx, Rolf
An 18th Century Lead Smelt Mill at Blackhall, Hexhamshire, Northumberland Fairbairn, R.A.
Teeside Mining Company Chapman, N.A.
John Gibbons of Oswestry: An Eighteenth Century Capitalist Goodchild, John
A Lawsuit and a Miner’s Wages Harvey, W.S.
Miners or Crofters? Harvey, W.S.
The Castell and Nant y Creiau Mines Hughes, S.J.S.
The Diffusion of Ore-Hearth Smelting Techniques from Yorkshire to the Upper Mississippi Valley Lead Region Gill, M.C.
The Eskdale Copper Mine Austin, A.
The Mines of Eskdale Austin, A.
Some 19th Century Comments on the Ennerdale Mines Austin, A.
Swallow Holes and Mine Drainage in the Forest of Dean Bowen, C.R.
British Mining No. 44
Mines of Dartmoor and the Tamar Valley after 1913
British Mining No. 45
Aygill Lead Mine, Stainmore, North Yorkshire Tyson, L.O.
Alston Moor Hushes Fairbairn, R.
Cost of Producing Lead from Sharpley Lead Mine, Northumberland, during the 18th Century Fairbairn, R.
Work and Workings in Westminster Vein, Clwyd Ebbs, C.
Vignette on Nanty Mine Von Arx, Rolf
Lead Mining or Fishing? Richards, I.B.
The Penrhyndeudraeth Lead Mining Company Limited Goodchild, J.
Nobody like the Captain: Men of the Mines Skillen, B.S.
Herring Day, Plaguey Women and Pit Life Skillen, B.S.
Old Mines and Mine Masters of the Monklands Skillen, B.S.
Nant y Mwyn Mine, Llandovery, Dyfed Hughes, S.J.S.
Yorkshire Smelting Mills. Part 1: The Northern Dales Gill, M.C.
The London Lead Company’s Yorkshire Mines: A New Assessment Tyson, L.O. & Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 46
The Grassington Mines Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 47
The Mines of Alston Moor Fairbairn, R.A.
British Mining No. 48
Editorial Followed by Georgius Agricola, 1494 to 1994 Martell, H.M.
Controversy and Contraction: The Water Dispute at the Leadhills Mines Harvey, W.S.
The Mines of Downholme Moor and Thorpe Edge, Swaledale Barker, J.L.
The East Layton Copper Mine in Yorkshire and its Cost Book Goodchild, J.
The C.B. New Mill in Arkengarthdale – Some Photographic Evidence Myers & Whitaker
Tynehead Lead Mining Company Chapman, N.A.
A Day at South Crofty Mine in 1944 Bullen, L.J.
William Millett Thomas, Company Promoter Brooke, J.
False Hopes at New Wheal Speedwell Von Arx, Rolf
Wheal Lopes in Devon Von Arx, Rolf
19th Century Lead Mining on the North Side of the Derwent near Crooked Oak, in South Northumberland Fairburn, R.A.
Cleveland Drilling Machines Chapman, N.A.
Visit to a Lead Ore Mine Harris, W.S.
Yorkshire Smelting Mills Part 2: The Southern Dales and Lancashire Gill, M.C.
The First Coal Miners’ Inspectors Job, B.
British Mining No. 49
The Wharfedale Mines Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 50
Editorial Martell, H.M.
Heath Colliery Company, West Bromwich, Staffordshire Chapman, N.A.
Mining and Smelting in the Marske Area, Swaledale Tyson, L.O.
The Restless Years: The Leadhills Company Limited and the Labour Disputes at its mines, 1903 to 1929 Harvey, W.S.
Carn Dochan, Regional, General and Economic History Hughes, S.J.S.
John Robson’s Notebook: The Development of Rainton and Pittington Collieries in the 1820’s Goodchild, J.
Bales of Alston Moor, South Northumberland and Weardale Fairbairn, R.A.
Life and Essays of William Vivian, Cornish Mining Engineer, 1817 to 1879 Smith, W.D.F.
Some Notes on the Hornby Castle Estate Coal Mining Sites Hudson, P.J.
Haytor and Smallacombe in Dartmoor Von Arx, Rolf
Carmarthen United: An Example of Under-Capitalisation in a mid-19th century Lead Venture Claughton, P.F.
East Snaefell Mine Von Arx, Rolf
Surrender Smelt Mill Flue Bassham, S.
British Mining No. 51
The Grinton Mines (including Fremington and Ellerton) L.O. Tyson and I.M. Spensley with R.F. White
British Mining No. 52
Great Orme Mines Williams, C.J.
British Mining No. 53
The Arkengarthdale Mines Tyson, L.O.
British Mining No. 54
Lead Mine Waggons Fairbairn, R.A.
British Mining No. 55
Editorial Martell, H.M.
Lamps and Candles Harvey, W.S.
Adventures in Coal in the South Durham Coalfield: The Story of Eldon and Chilton Collieries Goodchild, J.
Sike Head Lead Mine, Ramshaw, Northumberland Chapman, N.A.
Futile Endeavours on the Lochs Von Arx, Rolf
Bournehills Colliery, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire Chapman, N.A.
The Stone Industry of Nidderdale – Part 1: Pateley Bridge Blacker, J.G.
The 19th Century Wray Wood Moor Colliery and Mining Dispute Hudson, P.J.
Vignette on Druid Mine in Devon Von Arx, Rolf
Some Questions Concerning the History of the Pikedaw Calamine Caverns, Malham, Yorkshire Myers, J.O.
The Darker Side of a Golden Era Seal, C.
Notes on the Development of Bole Smelting Claughton, P.F.
Harald Bruff and the Greenhaugh Mining Company Limited Gill, M.C.
Teaching Mining History Burt, R.
The Sam Oon Stone NMRS Records
British Mining No. 56
Weardale Mines Fairbairn, R.A.
British Mining No. 57
The Stone Industry of Nidderdale – Part 2: Stone Uses Blacker, J.G
A Glimpse at Snaefell Mine Von Arx, Rolf
Sir Bevis Bulmer: An Elizabethan Adventurer Tyson, L.O.
Gwynfynydd Gold Mine, Dolgellau, North Wales: A Review of History, Geology and Mining Activities Dominy, Phelps, Bussell and Guard
Accidents in the Flintshire and Denbighshire Lead Mines, 1873 to 1914 Williams, C.J.
The Melting, Fyning and Stamping Mylnis in Linlithgow Meikle, T.K.
Blakeley Hall and Bromford Collieries, Oldbury, Staffordshire Chapman, N.A.
Post Medieval Iron Production in Nidderdale and an Association with the Ingilby and Yorke Families Blacker, J.G., Barley, M. and Moorhouse, S.
Geology and Mining of Complex Narrow Veins in South-West England: An Example from South Crofty Tin Mine, Camborne, Cornwall Dominy, S., Bussell, M.A. and Camm, G.S.
British Mining No. 58
The Coal Mines of East Lancashire Nadin, Jack
British Mining No. 59
Recent Exploration of the Milwr Tunnel and Associated Workings, Flintshire Ebbs, C.
Women Workers at British Collieries and the Mines Inspectors Job, B.
Thomas Dyke and the Brimham Iron Works – A Technological Link between the Weald of Sussex and Kent and Nidderdale Blacker, G. & Barley, M.
Quernmoor Coal Mines Hudson, P.J.
The Alderson Lead Merchants and Pewterers of London Sharp, S.
Mortality Rate Estimates of Gunnerside Lead Miners from the Censuses Bagenal, T.B.
Plankey Mill: A 17th Century Lead Smelting Mill Fairbairn, R.A.
Fairoak Colliery, Hednesford, Staffordshire Chapman, N.
Reverend Rogers’ Quest for Mining Riches Von Arx, Rolf
Sequel to Reverend Rogers’ Quest for Mining Riches Von Arx, Rolf
Smeltmills of the Yorkshire Dales – The Grovebeck Mills Smith, R.
Lead Mining in Medieval Scotland Harvey, W.S.
Grimebridge, Oldest Pit in Lancashire Seal, C.S.
A Survey of three Structures on Grassington Moor, North Yorkshire Dennison, E. & Haigh, S.
Power in Hebden Gill in the mid 19th Century Hodge, P.T.
Brereton Collieries Chapman, N.
British Mining No. 60
The Greenhow Mines Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 61
The Smelting of Silver Ore from Hilderston Mine at Linlithgow, Scotland Smith, R. & Meikle, T.K.
A Lead Smelting Site at Haltwhistle Hill, Allendale Fairbairn, R.A.
Swan Bank Colliery, Halifax Roe, M.
A Smelting Miscellany No. 2 Lamb, R.
Mortality in Cornwall Harris, F.
Smelt Mills of the Yorkshire Dales – Keld Heads and Preston Mills Smith, R.
Roofs of Nenthead Smelt Mill Fairbairn, R.A.
Kirk Michael Mine in the Isle of Man Von Arx, Rolf
The Jenkin Furnace at the New CB Mill, Arkengarthdale, Yorkshire Smith, R. and Murphy, S.
Stotfield Burn and Brandon Walls Mines, 1872 to 1882 Fairbairn, R.A.
The Development of the Mickley Colliery Goodchild, J.
Thomas Dodds – 18th Century Mining Visionary or Profiteer? Lawson, J.
Weights and Measures used in the Lead Industry Gill, M.C. & Harvey, W.S.
Frenchmen Student Engineers in Industrial Britain: A Preliminary List of Tours from the MS Register of Deposited Journals at the Ecole des Mines, Paris Briggs, C.S.
British Mining No. 62
Miners and Farmers Bagenal, T.
British Mining No. 63
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British Mining No. 64
Coal Mines around Accrington and Blackburn Nadin, J.
British Mining No. 65
Allendale, Tynedale and Derwent Lead Mines Fairbairn, R.A.
British Mining No. 66
Adventures in Coal Goodchild, J.
British Mining No. 67
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The Archaeology of Thieveley Lead Mine Roe, M.
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British Mining No. 68
Oldham Coal Fanning, Gerry
British Mining No. 69
Editorial Martell, H.M.
The Iron Mines on and about Alston Moor Fairbairn & Robertson
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British Mining No. 71
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British Mining No. 72
The Mines of Yorkshire Gill, M.C. & Burt, R.
British Mining No. 73
Locating Oldham Coalpits Fanning, G.
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Central Snailbeach Lead Mine, Shropshire Chapman, N.
Bosorne Mine and Bosorne and Bollowall United Joseph, P.
British Mining No. 74
Keighley Coal Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 75
Ingleton Coalfield Bentley, John with Bond, B.R. and Gill, M.C.
British Mining No. 76
Wheal Hearle, St. Just: History and Archaeology Joseph, P.
Dabbling in Eskdale Iron Mining Goodchild, J.
The Meal Mill at Ballygrant Callender, R.M.
The Brades Coal and Steel Works, Oldbury, Staffordshire Chapman, N.A.
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The Inghams and the Thornhill Collieries near Dewsbury Goodchild, J.
A Dispute over Mining Royalties in the Bolton area, 1836 to 1842 Crosby, A.G.
British Mining No. 77
The Mines of Upper Teesdale Fairbairn, Raymond A.
British Mining No. 78
The Earl Fitzwilliam’s Elsecar Colliery in the 1850’s Goodchild, J.
Thornley and Wheatley Hill Collieries Chapman, N.A.
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A Camera for a dangerous Adit Callender, R.M.
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British Mining No. 79
Cape Cornwall Mine Joseph, Peter
British Mining No. 80
Further Aspects of Old Flockton Collieries, near Wakefield Goodchild, J.
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British Mining No. 81
The Van Mines Chapman, Nigel A.
British Mining No. 82
Mashamshire Collieries Tyson, Leslie Owen
British Mining No. 83
Post-Medieval Firesetting in British Metal Mines: The Archaeological Evidence Barnatt and Worthington
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Exhibition Design: A Plain Man’s Guide Callender, R.M.
British Mining No. 84
The Scottish Gold Rush of 1869 Callender, R. & Reeson, P
British Mining No. 85
Geology of the Lune and Upper Ribble Coalfields Kelly, Michael
British Mining No. 86
Alfred Williams, Leo Daft and ‘The Electrical Ore-Finding Company Limited’ Vernon, R.
Excavation of a Seventeenth Century Lime Kiln at Kilnsey, North Yorkshire Johnson, David
Lead Smelting Mill at Scargill, Co. Durham Smith, Richard
Photography Underground Callender, R.M.
The Great Dales Coalfield, Eastern Areas Gill, M.C.
The East Van Failure, Powys, Wales: A New Look at the Geology James, David M.D
The Newcomen Engine and the Account Book of Edward Short: A Detailed Reappraisal Lamb, Richard
British Mining No. 87
Coal Mining in Morley Thorp, Jim
British Mining No. 88
The Rothwell Haigh Collieries near Leeds: Additional Notes on their Development, Technology and Social Connotations Goodchild, John
Mr. Pope’s Pots and the Rapid Smelting of Lake District Copper and Lead Ores – 1579 to 1583 Smith, Richard
The Inverness Gold Callender, R.M.
Tracing the traces Callender, R.M.
The Dylife and Dyngwm Mines, Powys, Wales: A Revision of Lode Geometry and the Significance of Lode Interference with Pre-Existing Joints James, David M.D.
Women’s Place in Lead Mining at Grassington, Yorkshire Gill, Mike
Onshore Oil and Gasfields in the United Kingdom Gill, Mike
The ‘Iron Man’ Coal Cutter Gill, Mike
The East Cumberland Coalfield Brooks, Graham
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“50 Years of Mining History”. Proceedings of the NMRS 50-Year Anniversary Conference, Reeth, 1-3rd October 2010
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The Gascoignes and the Garforth Miners in the 19th Century Henesey, Alison
Discoveries at Silver Gill Mine, Caldbeck Allison, Warren
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Chert Quarrying in Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Jackson, Kay
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Mining Law in England and Wales: Defining Boundaries in the Landscape Claughton, Peter
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Sources at the Swaledale Museum, Reeth for the study of Mining and Associated Industries Bainbridge, Helen
Decades in Minutes: Snapshots of NMRS History from the Minutes of General Meetings Bassham, Sally
British Mining No. 91
Mines of the West Pennines Smith, R. & Murphy, S.
British Mining No. 92
Lawrence Barker: An Appreciation Bythell, Duncan
Some Material from the Lawrence Barker collection Mills, Alan
Mines, Quarries, Building and Fuel in Wensleydale and Swaledale Spensley, Ian M.
Women and Mining Communities in the Dales Bishop, Janet
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Archaeological Landscapes of Reeth Moor Laurie, Tim
Mining, Quarrying and Aerial Photography in the Yorkshire Dales White, Robert
Out of Court: The Battle for Beldi Hill Sweetmore, Keith
Bale Smelting in the Dales Smith, Richard
The Future of Mining History in Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Gill, Mike
The Mid-Cumberland Coalfield Brooks, Graham
The Dunker Dossier Callender, R.M.
Gold Mining at Cononish, Tyndrum, Scotland Callender, R.M.
British Mining No. 93 – Memoirs 2012
Coal Mining at Samson Colliery, Oldbury in the Nineteenth Century Chapman, Nigel A.
19th Century Photography at Walsall Wood Colliery Goodchild & Callender
The Dolaucothi Roman Drainage Wheel Meier, Stefan W.
Haltcliffe Lead Smelting Mill, Cumbria Smith and Murphy
William Stewart and the Lundhill Colliery Goodchild, John
The Arsenic Industry at Botallack Mine, Cornwall and its Archaeology: A Story of Early 20th Century Adaptive Re-Use Joseph, Peter
Mines, Trials and Lodes of the Glandyfi Tract, Ceredigion, Wales James, David M.D.
Further Notes on North Pennine Iron Ore Mines Brooks, Graham
British Mining No. 95
Thomas Sopwith Jnr. – La Tortilla and his other Mining Ventures at Linares, Spain Robert W. Vernon
British Mining No. 96
Colliers’ Wages in the West Riding Coalfield ca. 1610-1930 Goodchild, John
Colliers’ Housing in the West Riding Coalfield Goodchild, John
High Wind Bank Lead Smelting Site, Hawkswick Pipeline, Litondale Robinson, Gav
Kilnsey Lead Smelting Mill – Survey of existing Buildings Wilkinson, Sonia
Mines, Trials and Prospectivity along the Tylwch Anticline, Powys, Wales James, David M.D.
The Strontian Mines of Argyll Callender, R.M.
The New British Iron Company Chapman, N.A.
British Mining No. 97
The Malham Mines Gill, M. and Squirrel, M.
British Mining No. 98
Excavation of an Early Lead Smelting Site at Hagg, Farm, Fremington, Swalwedale Smith, Laurie, Mills & Vernon
Warwickshire Coal Mining Chapman, N.A.
East Pant Du Lead Mine King, Tony
Some Major Limestone Workings in the West Riding of Yorkshire Goodchild, John
Notes on Opencast Workings in the West Yorkshire Coalfield before 1941 Goodchild, John
Victoria Engine, Blakethwaite Mine, Gunnerside Gill, Mike
Horse Whims and Gins – a Study Gill, Knapp and Gallagher
The Enigma of the Origins of the London Lead Company Mining Activities in Teesdale, County Durham Heyes, William
British Mining No. 99
The Lead Mines of Tyndrum Moreton, Stephen
British Mining No. 100
History of Coventry Colliery, Warwickshire Nigel A. Chapman
Old Roundwood and Manor Haigh Moor Collieries, Ossett near Wakefield John Goodchild
A Post-War Jig, S.E. of Moor Intake Farmstead, Arkengarthdale, North Yorkshire Shaun Richardson and Richard Lamb
Smallcleugh Mine - Exploration History John Lawson
Parkfields Coal and Ironworks, Wolverhampton Nigel A. Chapman
Eshott Colliery, Northumberland - an unsuccessful venture of the late 18th century John Goodchild
Lode Continuity and Controls at the Eaglebrook and Camdwrbach Mines, Ceredigion David M.D. James
Not fit for Purpose? - Two examples of levels being re-driven Mike Gill
South Yorkshire Mines Drainage Committee Activities in November 1939 Steve Grudgings
A Tudor lead mine at Ashnott, Lancashire David Went