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The PDMHS Library.

Contents of the Library.

The Library has been divided into 7 divisions. These are:

Books – There are some several hundred books, reports and printed material listed in the catalogue. They are a miscellaneous collection of works, some of which date back to the early part of the 20th century. These have been catalogued and the catalogue (in Author order) is now available on the website.
See: Books and Reports by Author Order

Journals and Newsletters – There is a collection of journals and newsletters of mixed vintage and completeness. Amongst the more complete runs are the PDMHS Bulletins and Newsletters, the Northern Mine Research Society (NMRS) Monographs, Memoirs and Newsletters, the Historical Metallurgy Society (HMS) Journals and Newsletters, Der Anschnitt and other publications of the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum (in German), the East Midland Geological Society’s ‘Mercian Geologist’, the Association of Industrial Archaeology’s ‘Industrial Archaeology Review’ and ‘Geology Today’. Beyond this we have fragmentary runs of much other material. These have been catalogued and some of this catalogue is  now available on the website.
See: Journals and Newsletters of the Historical Metallurgy Society
Industrial Archaeology Review etc.
The Mercian Geologist

Maps and Plans – These are at present being sorted.

Miscellaneous Records, Files, Off-prints and other Material – These are at present being sorted, and will be added to the PDMHS website as a later date.

Photographs – There is a large collection of, mainly, Black and White photographs, many of which come from the collection of Harry Parker. These are at present housed in some 40 good quality albums, and so are in a reasonable storage order. The Society has recently taken into its care the slide collection amassed by Lynn Willies. This collection covers mining sites all over the world from Winster to Rajasthan and Alaska. The Society has received two generous donations which has enabled it to purchase a professional quality slide scanner and a start has been made on digitising these slides. Another collection of photographic albums has recently been received from Doug Nash and Op. Mole. These have not been examined yet.  

Digital Archives – At present there is not much material under this heading. However I am conscious that there is a great amount of material available in digital format. What material has been collected has been catalogued and an Index can be found.
See: Catalogue of CD Collection

Transactions and Bulletins of Institutions. Over the years collections of Transactions and Bulletins have been collected by the Society. These will be listed on the Website in due course.

Access to the Library.

                 It is intended to operate access to the Society library in a similar manner to a Records Office. The paramount point of this is that only the Recorder, his assistant(s) and Museum Staff will have access to the storage area. This is principally due to the fact that the library is situated in the Museum office containing confidential and commercial materials. There will be a catalogue of the library available for consultation. This will be either as a paper copy available in the Museum or as documents available on the Society website. If a member wishes to consult items from the library he or she will be invited to contact the Museum and make arrangements to visit. It should then be possible for the member to be offered a table and chair from which to work. Items will be produced from the library, either by myself or by the Museum staff according to the member’s requirements. It is understood that the catalogue is at present not complete, and either myself or the Museum staff will attempt to assist the member to the best of our ability. Photocopying and scanning facilities should be available, again to the best of our ability.

                 It is also understood that members of the Society may not, for one reason or another, be able to visit the library, and it is important that these members should not be discriminated against in the use of Society facilities. Therefore it is proposed to offer a mail loan system.

 Dave Williams


Consulting the Society Library 1

Robin Hall in the Society Library

Consulting the Society Library 2

The Recorder in the Reserve Storage Area