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Newspaper Clippings

An Archive of Newspaper Cuttings

Over the years a collection of Newspaper Cuttings have built up. Most of these have been transcribed from the originals or from microfilmed copies. Most of the files (but not all) contain the full text of the articles, ranging from single sentences through to exhaustive reports of accidents, dinners, company prospectuses, etc. Most of these cuttings have been collected by myself, either from the Derbyshire Times or from the Mining Journal, whilst Mike Gill, Alan Vickers and Roger Flindall have also contributed articles. (My apologies if I have omitted anybody else).

I have collated these articles in PDF format and arranged them in monthly groups. Thus all the articles dated June 1862 (for example) are collected in one file in which there are 17 articles, all from the Derbyshire Times. I have done this to reduce the number of files to a manageable number. A Google search beforehand should pick up these files easily.

Obviously, the greater the number of cuttings there are in the archive, the more useful the archive becomes. Should browsers have transcriptions (or even indexes) of newspaper cuttings they would like to be included in the sysyem, please feel free to get in touch with myself at davew [at] tidza (dot) demon (dot) co (dot) uk.

David Williams