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The Post Office Directory 1849 - Lists of the Inhabitants of Derbyshire.

During the 19th Century an industry arose which published Directories. These usually contained a description of each township covered by the directory. Under these descriptions were listed the gentry, the clergy, and the tradesmen, farmers and other suppliers.

Most of the directories which covered Derbyshire covered the whole county, unlike some of the urban cities which had their own directories.

During the research carried out in connection with the archaeological and conservation work carried out at High Rake Mine, at Windmill, near Great Hucklow, between 2000 and 2008, the Post Office Directory of 1849 was consulted many times. As this research continued a decision was made to enter all the listed people into an Access database. This has been used to produce a series of pdf's listing in alphabetical order all those whose details appear in the Directory. 

This research resulted in the chapters detailing the workforce and the suppliers of goods and services who were listed in the mine accounts between 1834 and 1852. This enabled many of the suppliers to be traced and gave an unprecedented picture of the mine's operation. This research was published in our Bulletin 'Mining History' Vol. 18 Nos. 1/2 in 2011.